Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick Divorcing Over Cheating Rumors, Bad Habits?

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been married since 1997. The couple has juggled three kids, two film careers, and even a shoe line since tying the knot twenty-four years ago, but could there be trouble in paradise? Gossip Cop has investigated many reports about the couple splitting up over the years. Let’s break down some of those claims to see where the couple stands today.

Angry Blow Out On The Beach?

Apparently a beach vacation was not the relaxing getaway it should have been for Parker and Broderick according to New Idea. In July of last year, the outlet alleged the actress was lashing out at her husband during a family vacation in the Hamptons. The publication used a less than flattering photo as evidence of marital strife. As Gossip Cop said last year when we deemed the story false, a less than ideal photo is not the the way to make your point.

Is Their Marriage Up In Smoke?

New Idea was once again up to its old tricks last September. The outlet insisted the couple’s marriage was on shaky ground over Parker’s refusal to stop smoking. The magazine threw all kinds of allegations at the Sex and the City actress, from claims she smoked while pregnant with her first child to smoking in front of her children. Apparently, Broderick issued an ultimatum to his wife, but the rag was mum on exactly what that would exactly entail. Thanks to the flippant nature of the article, and a comment from Parker’s spokesperson who decried the story as false, Gossip Cop was able to bust the case with ease.

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Moving Out?

Last December, Parker was accused of moving all her belongings out of the West Village home she shared with Broderick. The outlet reporting this? New Idea, naturally. Their daughters’ twin bunk beds were photographed being removed from the premises, adding to the magazine’s speculation. Other than the removal of the two beds, the publication provided not evidence that Parker and Broderick had broken up.After doing a bit of research, Gossip Cop discovered that the couple had sold their West Village digs and were moving, together, somewhere else. 

Parker Leaving Brodrick For Hugh Grant? 

New Idea strikes again! This time the magazine claimed Parker’s determination to get Hugh Grant in the Sex and the City reboot was straining her marriage.The two allegedly had a romance early on in their careers and Parker couldn’t let go of it. In reality, Grant was not joining the reboot and the Broderick-Parker union was fine.

What’s the lesson out of all of this? Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are not breaking up. In fact they are to star in an upcoming Broadway show, Plaza Suite together. Also New Idea loves to lie about the couple and that Gossip Cop will catch them in the act every time.

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