Ryan Seacrest’s First Instagram Post Shows Why He’s One Of The Most Well Liked People In Hollywood

There’s a reason why Ryan Seacrest makes such a great host, both on television and radio – his positive energy is contagious. Whether he is chatting with a nervous American Idol contestant or interviewing the biggest name’s in Hollywood, Seacrest has a way to help put people at ease while getting them to crack a smile at the same time. Glimpses into his social media accounts further prove what a genuine, down-to-earth individual he is, whether he’s posting goofy pics with his celeb pals, videos of him belting ’80s ballads on the treadmill, or what his cheat meal for the week is.

Ever wonder what his first Instagram post is? Gossip Cop sure was curious, so we scrolled our hearts out. Here’s what we found.

Ryan Seacrest’s Early Instagram Posts

One thing that instantly stood out to us was the lack of actual photos of Seacrest in his Gram infancy. Having joined all the way back in July 2011, early posts are comprised largely of low-resolution snaps of celebrities the host interviewed on his radio program On Air with Ryan Seacrest. This really comes as no surprise, as Seacrest has been juggling multiple projects throughout his career, so work obviously must often been top of mind. Back in 2011 he would have been hosting American Idol, working with E! for red carpet award show coverage, managing Ryan Seacrest Productions which produced Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs, as well doing his radio show and hosting American Top 40. That’s quite the list!

What we love most about his early posts are how candid all the stars are, looking like they’re excited to be interviewed on the show. Younger females default to the signature pouty lips, others stars opt for a genuine smile, while others still go for as awkward a look as possible. Some notable names include Joe Manganiello, Selena Gomez, Tom Felton, and Kim Kardashian. Check out some of our favs:

Seriously, so many fun photos to choose from!

Just a few more we love:

Ryan Seacrest’s Instagram page has a lot of images of himself nowadays, which attests to his rising fame, but we certainly enjoyed our trip back in time and unearthing these probably rarely seen celeb snaps.

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