Ryan Seacrest Blind Due To Botox?

Ryan Seacrest’s health, mental and physical, is constantly questioned by the tabloids. Six months ago, one publication alleged the host was going blind due to Botox injections. Gossip Cop wasted no time and investigated the tale. Now, we’re looking back on the report and what we learned.

Ryan Seacrest Lost His Sight Because Of Botox Injections?

In June, the National Enquirer asserted Seacrest’s sight was fading amid other health problems the media personality was supposedly facing. According to the paper, the American Idol host’s blindness came about due to botox injections he was giving himself during the current lockdown. An insider who claimed to know Seacrest revealed “It could well have been a reaction to a Botox injection administered by himself or someone else at his home as most Hollywood cosmetic surgeons are still closed.”

Then, a surgeon, who didn’t treat the Live! co-host contended the injections would have permanent consequences and force him off of TV forever. “The situation with Ryan appears serious, as it involves his speech and suggests a toxic or metabolic or neurologic condition,” another doctor offered.

Ryan’s Sight Is Just Fine, Despite What The Tabloid Reported

Here’s the truth behind the silly story. Gossip Cop learned from a rep for Ryan Seacrest that the story was bogus. Seacrest was not giving himself injections and he certainly wasn’t going blind. The host has been seen on Live! with Kelly and Ryan and is in perfect health. Also, if you take a look at Seacrest’s Instagram page, dozens of pictures prove the producer is doing just fine. In addition to claims the radio personality injected himself with botox, there have also been rumors about Seacrest’s health failing.

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Back in September, the Enquirer claimed Ryan Seacrest was headed towards an early grave due to stress over the cancellation of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rather than rely on the words of a dubious source, Gossip Cop checked with a spokesperson for Seacrest who called the report crazy. Why would Seacrest freak out about the cancellation of the very successful show when he has his hands in so many other ventures? He’s doing just fine.

Last month, the same tabloid maintained Seacrest was suffering from Acute Fatigue Syndrome. The false story likely came about because the co-host was absent from the popular daytime talk show for the third time this year. Gossip Cop corrected the phony tale after checking with a more reliable source close to the situation. Plus, everyone is allowed to take a day off from work, even Ryan Seacrest. That doesn’t mean he’s dying or suffering from some incurable disease. Honestly, the tabloids need to give it a rest.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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