Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes Split; Battling Over $75 Million Fortune?

In 2019, a tabloid claimed that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes were going to call it quits. Gossip Cop is taking a look back on that report. Here’s what we uncovered.

Two years ago, Star reported that Gosling and Mendes were putting up a united front for their daughters but the longtime partners had “finally reached the breaking point” and a split was inevitable. According to the magazine, one of the big issues between the two was the actor’s friendship with Claire Foy.

An insider told the publication, “Eva was extremely possessive and jealous of every woman Ryan works with, but in her mind, the timing of Claire’s separation was really suspicious. One time, Ryan was going on about how talented Claire is, and Eva got furious and demanded to know what was going on.” The sketchy source elaborated that Gosling tried to assure Mendes that he was on friendly terms with Foy but Mendes didn’t buy it. “After that,” the tipster added, “he had to walk on needles around her. But whenever Eva so much as heard Claire’s name being mentioned, her jealousy just flared up all over again.”

The publication further revealed that Gosling’s refusal to have another child with Mendes, whom he began dating in 2011, was also a problem in their relationship. “Eva was aching for one more, but he insists they have their hands full already. Eva might be thinking another baby would keep them together, but Ryan won’t budge,” the insider disclosed. The source alleged Mendes would more than likely “go after his money, spousal and child support, the house, furniture, and everything” — and that the two would have “a hell of a custody battle” but their relationship was “as good as done.”

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Gossip Cop busted the bogus report when it came out, and years later, our verdict remains the same. Despite what the magazine asserted, Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have not broken up and were never on the verge of a split. At the time, we ran the story by a source close to the situation. Our impeccable informant assured us the story wasn’t true. Our source was correct.

In 2020, Mendes opened up about her private relationship with the father of her two children and reminisced on when Gosling dedicated his Golden Globe award for his portrayal in the film, La La Land. “I was in the other room when my sister started screaming for me to come in and she was crying, so we rewound and watched and it was such a beautiful, surreal moment, especially for my family to hear Ryan say my brother’s name,” the actress revealed.

Last year, we debunked Star for alleging Gosling’s family was “fed up” with Mendes. Gossip Cop later exposed the tabloid for purporting Mendes and Gosling were fighting over his career. Neither of those stories were true, in fact, basically nothing it writes about the couple is true.

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