Robert Pattinson, Suki Waterhouse Pregnant In Lockdown

Did Robert Pattinson and Suki Waterhouse get pregnant during lockdown? A tabloid claimed the two were expecting their first child but insisted the two wouldn’t use the new baby as an excuse to rush down the aisle. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor.

Suki Waterhouse Pregnant With Robert Pattinson’s First Child?

In Touch reported earlier this spring that Robert Pattinson and his model girlfriend Suki Waterhouse were having a baby. A so-called “friend” told the tabloid, “She got pregnant during lockdown,” which wasn’t as big of a shock to Pattinson and Waterhouse’s friends as one might assume.


It doesn’t come as a huge surprise because they’ve been talking about wanting to start a family for a while.

No Rush On The Wedding

The source slyly added, “They’re making the most of self-isolating, that’s for sure.” Just because the two were supposedly having a baby together didn’t mean that a trip down the aisle was next on the couple’s to-do list, the suspicious “friend” added. “They’ll get married at some point, but they’re in no rush,” the source confided.

Gossip Cop’s Take

It’s been several months since the tabloid printed its claim, which means that Suki Waterhouse should have already given birth or be just about to. Recent paparazzi shots of Waterhouse show that she’s still as slender as ever, with no giant “baby bump” to be seen. The model also hasn’t secretly given birth over the last few months, either. The outlet simply made up the story and obviously hoped no one would remember the prediction. Gossip Cop always remembers.

Ever since his whirlwind romance with his Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart, tabloids have obsessed over Robert Pattinson’s dating life. Perhaps part of the reason for this apparent obsession comes from how private Pattinson is about his personal life, and that private nature was the hallmark of his relationship with Stewart.

Regardless of the reasons why, tabloids have long targeted Pattinson with blatantly false rumors concerning both his personal relationships as well as his career. Before dating Suki Waterhouse, Pattinson’s relationship with singer FKA Twigs was often written about in the supermarket gossip rags. These outlets also baselessly speculated that Pattinson was still hung up on his ex-girlfriend, Stewart. The rumors had gotten to the point that Pattinson actually spoke out about them, denying various rumors that claimed he was soon to be a dad and planning to get married. The actor denied these rumors, proving that grocery store tabloids are the wrong place to go for any relevant or truthful information about Pattinson’s life.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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