Rob Lowe’s First Instagram Post Reveals A Lot About His Personality

If you’re anything like us, you love browsing Rob Lowe’s social accounts on the reg. The 56-year-old actor is an avid Instagram user, and his account is filled with images and short videos about what he’s up to both in his professional and private life. From goofy photos of himself to snaps of hanging out with Hollywood’s elite to heartwarming family photos, just like the Parks and Recreation star himself, Lowe’s social presence is nothing short of a delight.

We were curious if this has always been the case, so we took on the task of scrolling all the way through his ‘Gram account to uncover his very first post ever so you don’t have to. The result is nothing less amazing than we imagined.

Lowe’s Early Instagram Posts

Lowe first joined Instagram in August of 2012. His first posts we’re definitely wholesome – shots of him with the fam, his adorable pupper, and quirky shots of him enjoying life.

Like going through a shoebox of Polaroid memories, Rob Lowe’s early days on social recount times of happiness and fun. It truly looks more like the account of an old friend from high school than one of the biggest names in Hollywood, despite the fact that Lowe already had a very strong, established career in the biz, having starred in so many hit shows and movies, such as The Outsiders, The West Wing, and Brothers & Sisters.

Despite living the life of luxury in his $45 million dollar mansion in Montecito, Lowe’s early social posts show the money and fame never went to his head.

Rob Lowe’s Very First Instagram Post

With the same black border, highly contrasted brightness, and blurry background that were the trademark of his early posts, Rob Lowe uploaded his very first image to Instagram on August 21st, 2012, a post that is still getting likes and comments from dedicated fans.

Taken at night, the post has the caption of “Gotta get the monkey off my back!” with none other than a photo of a monkey resting on Lowe’s back.

Looking almost skunk-like, Rob Lowe is flashing his signature grin with what appears to be a black-and-white ruffed lemur on his shoulders. While the background is dark and blurred, we can assume this was a fun photo-op at a Hollywood party. And what a fun event indeed, who wouldn’t love a little monkey on their back?

A majority of the comments seem to be more recent, as fans took on the arduous task of scrolling all the way to the first post and, like etching your initials in a tree trunk on a long hike, wanted to prove they made it to the beginning.

Was it worth it? We think so.

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