Reports Suggest Mark Harmon Is A Notorious Cheapskate Despite $100 Million Net Worth

Does Mark Harmon like to live cheap despite being worth millions? That’s what multiple reports have been suggesting. Gossip Cop has investigated the rumors and can set the record straight.

Mark Harmon Stays Rich By Living Cheap?

Last month, the Globe reported that Mark Harmon has “got a reputation as one of the worst cheapskates in show business.” According to the tabloid’s inside source, “This is a guy who has holes in his jeans and doesn’t care if his T-shirts go crusty in the armpits.” The magazine went on to explain that Harmon simply doesn’t feel the need to spend money on unnecessary things.

Of course, Gossip Cop begged the question, what is the tabloid’s point? If Harmon prefers to live on the cheap, who is he hurting? Clearly, the tabloid was reaching for any sliver of drama in the NCIS star’s life and came up empty. But that was only the beginning of this strange rumor.

Mark Harmon Is ‘Hollywood’s Biggest Cheapskate’?

Then, Star took a shot at the TV legend, claiming he keeps a tight hold on his $100 million net worth. According to the tabloid’s insider, Harmon would “rather sock his money away than spend it.” The magazine detailed how Harmon trims the fat from his checkbook by fixing his own car, cooking instead of eating out, couponing, and even skimping on deodorant.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the star reportedly earns $525,000 for every episode of NCIS. Besides, Harmon and his wife own a $9 million Malibu mansion and a ranch in Montana. It’s hard to reconcile that lifestyle with someone that’s hesitant to buy deodorant. Obviously, there was no truth to this report either, but still, the tabloids weren’t done with the outlandish tale.

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Mark Harmon ‘Hoarding His Cash’?

Finally, OK! stepped up to the plate and alleged that Harmon is “so cheap it’s downright criminal.” The magazine insisted that while Harmon may be worth $100 million, “you’d never know it from his lifestyle.” Then the tabloid repeated almost word-for-word from the other reports, insisting Harmon “has holes in his jeans and doesn’t care if his T-shirts go crusty.” The publication even threw in the bit about Harmon fixing his own car instead of taking it to the mechanic.

While there’s no evidence to suggest Harmon lives one of the most extravagant Hollywood lifestyles, he certainly isn’t roughing it either. It’s obvious these rumors come from people trying to reconcile the actor’s massive net-worth with his generally low-key presence. This isn’t even the first time tabloids have gone after Harmon for living such a private life. The National Enquirer reported earlier this year that Harmon was becoming a “hermit” and alienating his castmates in the process. That being said, it takes minimal investigation for these tabloids’ claims to completely fall apart.

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