Report Says Pat Sajak Ready To Retire

For 40 years, Pat Sajak has appeared on our TVs as the host of Wheel of Fortune. One tabloid is reporting that his tenure is coming to an end as Sajak moves towards retirement. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Pat Sajak All Out of Spins?

OK! is claiming that due to a series of “embarrassing blunders casting an unfortunate shadow over his illustrious legacy and reputation,” Pat Sajak could be hanging up his hosting suits for good. An insider says that the host has been feeling overwhelmed and is questioning whether or not to continue on the show. “He’s not a quitter by any means, but it’s not lost on him that he has plenty of other opportunities outside of the game show,” an “insider” tells the publication. 

If this were true, retirement would make the most sense, right? Not according to the outlet and insider, who says that it is “more likely” that Sajak would make “a break for it and [try] something totally new” for him. “Pat wouldn’t step aside in a huff or anything like that. He has too much class and respect for everyone involved in the show,” the source says. “But there’s a lot to be said for going out on a high and doing it on his own terms.”

Like most viewers, the insider claims that most of the crew wants him to stay. “Nobody wants to see Pat Leave, least of all [his longtime co-host] Vanna White. It’s going to be hard to imagine the series going on without him.”

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Same Story, Different Day

It’s worth noting that earlier this week, the Globe printed basically the same story about Sajak, referencing the same  “embarrassing blunders.” These gaffes include mocking a contestant’s lisp, labeling a player as “ungrateful,” and giving away the bonus round answer on accident. While these mistakes range in cringiness, there is no proof Sajak will break his contract, which ends in 2022. 

Over the years, several stories have come out claiming that Sajak was leaving the show. In January, Gossip Cop busted a story that Vanna White was taking over the show from him permanently following her stint as guest host while he recovered from surgery. Vanna White is a long-time friend of Sajak’s, so taking over for him as host would be unlikely. Another story from December said that the host was “unable to cope with work” after having surgery.  In March, we debunked another article in the Globe saying some of Sajak’s recent “nasty” behavior and blunders were concerning producers enough to try and out the host. None of those reports were true, and this newest one seems to be just as false.

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