Report: Sandra Bullock Married

Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall have been dating for about six years now. One tabloid reports the two have recently gotten married. Gossip Cop investigates this tabloid trope.

‘Sandra & Bryan: Wedding Bells!’

According to OK!, Bullock and Randall have “quietly tied the knot in an intimate idyllic ceremony at Sandra’s” ranch in Wyoming. An insider told the tabloid “it was very low-key” because “neither of them wanted anything big or flashy.” Both of them “were thrilled at how beautifully it turned out.”

The guest list was small, with only “a handful of close friends and family” in attendance. Bullock and Randall both “wrote their own vows and exchanged simple gold bands.” The newlyweds are “over the moon to have made their romance official at long last.” The article concludes by saying it was such a sweet, emotional day, and they both feel so incredibly blessed.”

How Would It Know This?

This story is a victim of its framework. If Randall and Bullock did get married with such a small guest list, then only the couple’s innermost circle could know about these intricate wedding details. No one would get an invite like this would then turnaround and tell OK! all about it.

Not The First Or Second Report

Back in April, this very tabloid reported that Bullock and Randall had secretly gotten married. It was yet another “small and simple” ceremony, this time in California. About a year before that, the same tabloid claimed the two had gotten married in Wyoming. This is now the third time in 18 months that this tabloid has claimed these two had a secret wedding, so Gossip Cop is pretty dubious to the tired narrative.

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There’s Been No Announcement

This OK! report relies strictly on hearsay and unreliable insiders to tell its story. There has been no official announcement from Bullock or Randall about a wedding. US Weekly, which shares an owner with the tabloid in question, recently reported the exact opposite of this story. It reported Bullock and Randall were in no rush to get married, and “it doesn’t take a piece of paper or formality to ensure happiness.”

Weddings Everywhere

This tabloid loves detailing weddings that don’t actually happen. The tabloid claimed Demi Lovato was busy planning her dream wedding with Max Ehrich, only for the two to break-up that very week. Gossip Cop busted its report about the “intimate and low-key” wedding plan of Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. It looks like the phrase “low-key” is a pretty good indicator that a report is completely made-up.

If Bullock and Randall did get married, then they’re just keeping it to themselves. With no other report in the universe, Gossip Cop is very suspicious of this “low-key” wedding story and believes it’s probably false.

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