Report Claimed Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry Were Dating, Here’s What We Know

If you’re a true Friends fan, then you know Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry’s character on the hit sitcom fall in love and marry. In the years that’s passed since the show’s ending, the cast has kept close relationships with each other. But, last year one tabloid reported Cox and Perry were imitating their fictional character’s, Monica Geller and Chandler Bing, story-line. Gossip Cop took a look into the story when it came out. Now, we’re revisiting the story and what we learned.

Matthew Perry And Courteney Cox Revealed Their True Feelings To Each Other

Last November, OK! alleged Cox and Perry were falling in love with each other. According to the tabloid, the former cast mates’ alleged romance blossomed after they met up for a lunch date at a restaurant in West Hollywood, where Perry looked “disheveled.” An insider claimed Cox “dropped everything and hurried out to meet him.” The source added during a “moment of vulnerability, Matthew told Courteney that he was in love with her, and always has been, which prompted the actress to reveal she’s in love with him too, and excited to see where this goes.”


Everyone Was Rooting For Them All Along?

The unnamed source further revealed Perry and Cox slowly disclosed to friends and family they were seeing each other. One person, the magazine asserted, was supportive of the news was Jennifer Aniston. The informant claimed Lisa Kudrow was also “thrilled” by the announcement. The supposed “insider” exclaimed,

It’s no secret that Matthew’s carried a torch for Courteney for most of the 25 years they’ve known each other. So people have been rooting for them to get together forever!

Sorry, Courteney & Matthew Are Just Friends

Gossip Cop busted the story and probably the hopes of anyone who thought the story was true. We checked with sources close to Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry who clarified the former co-stars are just friends. Also, Cox was and still is, dating Johnny McDaid. Additionally, Gossip Cop has corrected other narratives that suggest Cox and Perry were more than friends. In August, the Cougar Town actress honored Perry on her Instagram story for his birthday. In the caption, however, the Ace Ventura: Pet Detective star referred to Perry as her friend.

As for OK!, the tabloid has been unreliable in the past when it comes to reporting. Last August, we busted the same tabloid for alleging Courteney Cox was using Justin Theroux as revenge against Jennifer Aniston. We debunked the publication for also incorrectly claiming Cox married McDaid. Despite what the tabloid may allege, it doesn’t have any real insight on Cox or other celebrities.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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