Reach 11 soccer complex

Driving Directions for The Reach 11 Sports Complex - Take Loop AZ - 101 East or West to the North Cavern Creek Roadway Exit (Exit 28). Take Cave Creek Road North to Deer Valley Road. Head East on Deer Valley Roadway. The Complex Entrance is on the Right. Note: The Complex Entrance is to the East of Cavern Creek Roadand also has actually 2 (2) Entrances. The East Entrance is for Fields 1 through 10, the West Entranceis for Fields 11 through 18.

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The Reach 11 Sports Complex


The Scottsdale Sports Complex- 8081 East Princess Drive Scottsdale, Arizona 85255


Driving Directions for The Scottsdale Sports Complex - Take Loop AZ - 101 North or East to the Hayden Road Exit (Exit 35). Head South on Hayden Roadway to Princess Drive. Head East on Princess Drive. The Complex is on Both Sides of the Street.

Parking Information:

Please use the adhering to gateways and also parking lots for The Scottsdale Sports Complex:

Fields 1, 4, 5 & 6 - Use the Princess Drive or Bell Road entrance and also parking lot.

Fields 2 & 3 - Use the 8second Street (South) entrance and also parking lot.

Fields 7& 8 - Use the Princess Drive entrance and parkinglot.

Fields 9& 10 - Use the 82nd Street (North) entrance and also parking lot.

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Important: Parking is enabled indesignated spaces just. Vehicles will be ticketed and also / or towed if parked along curbs or external of designated parking spaces.

The Scottsdale Sports Complex


Chaparral Park - 5401 North Hayden Roadway Scottsdale, Arizona 85250

Parking Information:

Chaparral Park is an extremely busy public facility and parking can be incredibly limited during high usage events. Please enable yourself enough time to find parking which is accessible throughout the park however not necessarily alongside the tournament fields.

Important: Parking is allowed indesignated spaces only. Vehicles will certainly be ticketed and also / or towed if parked along curbs or exterior of designated parking spaces.

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2019 CRITICAL UPDATE: Due to parking lot construction and also storm damage, a area of the parking lot at the Hayden Road / Jackrablittle bit entrance that runs alengthy Hayden Roadway will certainly be closed to parking. Please plan ahead to permit yourself sufficient time to park. Carpooling is extremely recommfinished.

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