Queen Elizabeth Stepping Down, Handing The Reigns Over To Camilla Parker Bowles?

Is Camilla Parker Bowles gearing up for an “exciting new reality” as Queen Elizabeth announces her plans to step down? That was one tabloid’s story this time last year. Gossip Cop is taking another look at the rumor.

The Queen Stepping Down?

Twelve months ago, OK! reported that Camilla Parker Bowles was prepping for a big promotion as Queen Elizabeth planned to step down from her post. According to the tabloid, “amid rumors that Queen Elizabeth will soon hand over reigning duties to her eldest son.” As the news was circulating, the magazine asserted that Parker Bowles was “prepping for an exciting new reality” as an ascending co-ruler of England.

While Parker Bowles would ascend to rulership with her husband, Prince Charles, she wouldn’t receive the title of queen. While Charles would become king, Parker Bowles would “likely ascend to princess consort, rather than queen,” but the magazine maintained that she wouldn’t take issue with the title. According to the tabloid’s insider, she will “accept whatever title she’s given without making a fuss” since she will “still get to enjoy all the benefits and responsibilities of co-ruler.”

Camilla Parker Bowles To Be Princess Consort?

The magazine doesn’t say anything blatantly problematic about Camilla Parker Bowles and actually paints her in a pretty complimentary light. That being said, it gets one important point wrong: the queen is not stepping down. The tabloids love to report that Queen Elizabeth is ending her rule early, but it isn’t true. The queen has always maintained that she intends to hold her title for the remainder of her life.

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In the year since this report was first published, the magazine’s story has not become any more accurate. While the royal family sadly lost Prince Phillip in April, the queen’s rule has not wavered. Parker Bowles will most likely become princess consort in the future, but the tabloid got the timing wrong.

The Tabloids On Queen Elizabeth’s Rule

While OK! is definitely guilty of spreading false information about the royals in the past, other tabloids are just as bad when it comes to this type of rumor. The Globe reported that Prince Charles was seizing the throne from his mother over concerns that she’s “unfit to rule.” Then Us Weekly alleged that Charles was actually being skipped in the line of succession in favor of Prince William. And most recently, New Idea took a shot at the rumor, also claiming Queen Elizabeth was stepping down. All of these reports were published in the last month.

Clearly, this rumor comes up a lot in the tabloids, but its popularity doesn’t make it any more true. Queen Elizabeth is not stepping down, and Prince Charles will succeed her when she passes. There is no grand conspiracy to change the line of succession, despite the tabloids’ many attempts to convey that. We fully expect the tabloids to keep this story up, but urge readers to take the claims with a grain of salt.

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