‘Property Brothers’ Drew And Jonathan Scott Forgo This Controversial Home Trend In Recent Renovation

Not everybody is a fan of the Property Brothers’ work on their show, but when the duo gets it right, they definitely strike creative gold. Drew and Jonathan Scott will try their best to respect their guests’ wishes no matter how fastidious they may be. A classic example of this is in the season five, episode ten First Home to Forever Home where the brothers buck some controversial design trends and make something truly unique.

From Starter Home To Forever Home

In the episode, the brothers meet married couple A’amna and Ibrahim in Los Angeles. The two have purchased a home that they now want to make their permanent abode. Though Los Angeles is a pretty trendy city, the couple wants to break some of those trends when it comes to their own place.

With a $140,000 renovation budget, the duo gets to work and help the couple realize some great design ideas. The Scotts introduce some Spanish tile here, some colored cabinets there, but there is one feature that the A’amna and Ibrahim definitely don’t want.

If it’s one thing that the Property Brothers have experience in doing, it’s busting down walls…literally. But as it turns out that’s kind of the last thing this couple wanted done to their home. In fact, A’amna and Ibrahim actually want more walls!

What’s The Catch?

As it turns out, the couple isn’t too keen on the uber-trendy open floor layout that is so prevalent on the show. Atypical from previous guests on Property Brothers, the Scotts take a whack at the new challenge and honestly knock it out of the park.

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The brothers start by getting rid of the railing on the stairwell and add a wall that effectively closes off the stairs from much of the house but at the same time gives a bit more of a formal look. A’amna and Ibrahim also prefer the added walls for safety reasons too. “The entry is now defined, and the new stairs look amazing,” Jonathan says.

Stairwell after with a wall

While closing things off works against today’s trend of opening up space, the couple absolutely loves it. Next up is the living room. At first, the brothers suggest that they take down the whole wall between the living room and kitchen, but the homeowners decide that would reduce their privacy. In the end, they agree to remove a portion of the wall, which suits them best.

“Keeping a section of wall, I think, is the right decision for them because they don’t need a completely open concept,” Jonathan says. “But we had to at least give them a little more wiggle room in there.”

Living room and dining room before with kitchen walled off
Living room, dining room, and kitchen after more open but still partial wall up for some separation

Not Always A Happy Ending However

Though A’amna and Ibrahim loved their new home design from the Scotts, unfortunately, that’s not always the case. On top of finding themselves in occasional relationship drama, the Scott brothers are currently embroiled in a lengthy lawsuit against former guests of the show. 

Per Paul and Mindy King, the renovation of their house was mired with shoddy construction, faulty wiring, and dangerous gas connections that turned their dream home into a nightmare. Though we are fans of the Scotts’ work, let’s hope the Kings’ situation is rectified so they can get back to creating their forever home.

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