Professional soccer fitness test

As with a lot of team sports, tbelow are many type of components of fitnessthat are important for success in footround (soccer). In footround, aerobic fitness is one ofthe a lot of important characteristics, very closely complied with by anaerobic fitness(running rate and also repeat sprint ability) and agility.

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Recommfinished Tests

Below is my recommfinished battery of fitness tests for soccer players. For each physical attribute there are many type of other suitable tests that may be offered. For indevelopment about picking fitness tests, go here.

Body Fat

Excess body fat affects the footsphere player"s abilityto move freely roughly the field, and also the added weight willincrease fatigue.Body fat can be measured using the skinfoldmethod. If this is not obtainable, surveillance bodyweight transforms is an alternate to provide an indication of body fat changes,assuming no readjust in muscle mass.


Flexibility is vital for mobility and also for injury avoidance. Good hamstring versatility is necessary for footsphere playersin the ball kicking ability.The sit and reach test have the right to be done for reduced back and hamstring adaptability.

rate is crucial in soccer

Strength and Power

Strength (and also power tests) must also be done to determinetoughness levels and also to monitor stamina changes in conjunctionvia training programs.The vertical jump test can be percreated to measure leg power. Maximalstamina tests for particular exercises must be carried out.


Maximum running rate and acceleration are very importantin footsphere. Doing a sprint test over 40m, witha separation time for the first 10m is proper.


The capability to conveniently readjust direction is exceptionally important forfootround. The 505 agility test is a basic agility test that measuresthe ability to adjust direction 180 levels. Tright here are likewise even more facility tests designed particularly for the demands of soccer such as the Balsom Run, and also the Arrowhead Agility is typically supplied for soccer players.

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Repeat Sprints

Soccer players are required to continually create brief bursts of high intensity occupational interspersed with reduced intensity activity. Repeat sprint tests are designed to measure not just anaerobic power, however additionally the capability to recover from short bursts of high intensity exercise. You can test just the repeat sprint capacity through tests such as Sprint Fatigue Test. For more soccer particular tasks designed to simulate the needs of soccer matches, the Loughbostormy Intermittent Shuttle Test contains jogging, running and sprinting.

Aerobic Fitness

Aerobic fitness is an extremely vital component of fitnessfor footround.Players have to have the ability to preserve a high intensity throughout the 90 minute game. The shuttle run (beep) test is a straightforward test to conduct on testing a footballteam. Tbelow are also footsphere specific tests that try to mimic the intermittent nature of the sport, such as the Loughbounstable Intermittent Shuttle Test and also the Yo-Yo Intermittent Tests. Tright here is more information on the numerous various other aerobic tests.

Special Considerations

The Goal Keeper

The goalkeeper has actually exceptionally particular fitness needs. Tests for thegoalkeeper have to concentrate on explosive power and also adaptability.Some form of reactivity test might likewise be incorporated.

Example Test Protocols

In 2013, the adhering to test protocol was offered by the Milan Soccer Academy. They also test the players in 2 major technical tests: Dribbling and also Finishing.

Speed: measuring reactivity speed, maximum rate and also his/her technical running motions over a distance of 15 to 20 meters, with and also without the sphere.

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Other trial and error examples:


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