Princess Diana’s ‘Secret Daughter’ Warned Meghan Markle About Prince Charles?

Did Princess Diana‘s secret daughter warn Meghan Markle about Prince Charles during a secret meeting in New Zealand? That’s the bizarre report a tabloid published. Gossip Cop investigated the claim and can separate fact from fiction.

The Globe has made some bizarre claims over the years, but this might just be the most absurd story the tabloid has ever printed. The outlet alleged that Meghan Markle met with Sarah Spencer, Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ secret daughter who was “conceived in a bizarre fertility test before Prince Charles and Diana wed.” The supposed eldest child of the former royal spouses apparently had a message of warning for her then-pregnant sister-in-law: “Do not trust Charles! Beware! He is a ruthless killer!”

The “blonde beauty” Spencer, who supposedly took her mother’s maiden name name after learning the truth about her parentage, was allegedly one of the test embryos used to ensure Princess Diana was fertile enough to produce royal heirs for the monarchy. “The fertilized eggs were supposed to be destroyed afterward,” wrote the often debunked publication, “but a member of the medical team secretly stole an embryo and implanted it in his wife, who could not have children of her own.” After her adoptive parents died in a car crash, Spencer came across an old diary of her adoptive mother’s, which revealed Spencer’s royal connection.

After “narrowly escaping a death plot on the island of Crete in June 2016,” Spencer had been living in hiding after confronting Prince Charles about Princess Diana’s death. An “insider” supposedly close to the secret royal daughter told the outlet, “Despite the danger, she surfaced because she was so eager to meet Harry’s new bride and warn her about Charles.”

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Meghan Markle managed to sneak away to meet Spencer by claiming “pregnancy tummy troubles” and disguising herself “under a hoodie and a sweatshirt.” The two allegedly got along swimmingly, with the so-called “insider” snitching, “Meghan and Sarah chatted away as if they were old friends.” Though Spencer had already allegedly met Prince William’s wife, Kate Middleton, Spencer apparently told this dubious insider she “absolutely ‘adores’ Meghan.” If this sounds more like fiction than fact, you’d be correct.

Gossip Cop investigated this conspiracy theory and discovered that not one word of it was true. Princess Diana and Prince Charles never had a secret daughter. In fact, the test embryo story comes from a novel written in 2011 by Nancy E. Ryan titled The Disappearance of Olivia. The story followed the beautiful British pediatric physician Olivia Franklin, who’d always been told she was the spitting image of Princess Diana. She discovered, just like “Sarah Spencer,” that she’d actually been conceived in a test tube fertility test and was actually the daughter of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. An assassination attempt prompted Olivia to go on the run.

Sound familiar? The Globe printed their first article about the supposed secret daughter of Princess Diana in 2012, a year after The Disappearance of Olivia was published, which is no coincidence. All the outlet did was change the name, but it kept all the absurd fictionalized details from the book and threw in Meghan Markle. Once the heart of the story, the existence of Sarah Spencer, is debunked, the rest of the story quickly falls apart.

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This is far from the first time Gossip Cop has called out this publication for their shoddy reporting on the British royal family. We recently busted the outlet for claiming that a dying Queen Elizabeth banned Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from attending her funeral. There was zero proof provided that Queen Elizabeth was actually dying. Secondly, the queen has shown nothing but support for her red-haired grandson and his wife, so it’s highly unlikely that she would ban them from her funeral. This outlet just shouldn’t be trusted to report accurately about the royal family, or anything else, honestly.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/princess-dianas-secret-daughter-warned-meghan-markle-about-prince-charles/58376/

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