Prince William ‘Worried Sick’ About 97-Pound Pregnant Kate Middleton’s ‘Health Crisis’?

Is Prince William worrying about wife Kate Middleton‘s health as she battles severe morning sickness? That’s one tabloid’s cover story this week. Gossip Cop takes a look at the story.

Kate Middleton Hiding Fourth Pregnancy?

This week, the Globe reports Kate Middleton is down to a shocking 97 pounds. The tabloid insists Middleton is secretly 12-weeks pregnant, and severe morning sickness has her dropping pounds fast. An inside source confides, “William and her family are worried sick,” adding, “This should be the happiest time for Kate and her husband, but it’s turned into a nightmare. Kate was hospitalized during her first pregnancy and they’re desperate to avoid that happening again.”

The source goes on, “I’m told Kate’s been put on high-calorie nutrition in an attempt to boost her weight and keep her — and the baby — healthy. She’s five-foot-nine and should weigh 140 pounds, but she seems to have lost a whopping 15 pounds in just weeks!” The tabloid notes that while her latest pregnancy was a surprise, she was thrilled because she’s always wanted a fourth child. “But the royals fear her plunging weight — now her lowest ever — could lead to devastating consequences,” dishes the insider.

Prince William ‘Worried Sick’ For Kate Middleton’s Health?

The tabloid notes that Middleton was ravaged by extreme morning sickness during her previous three pregnancies, but this time it’s even worse. The outlet insists Middleton’s recent absence from the public eye, which was reported to be isolation after she was exposed to someone with COVID, was actually related to Middleton’s pregnancy. “Let’s face it,” the insider begins, “Kate’s scary skinny and the royals had to do something — fast.”

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Middleton returned to the public eye, but it might not be in her best interest. “She’s determined to be ‘Princess Perfect,’ taking on more and more duties after Harry, Meghan and Archie defected last year to their $14 million California mansion,” the source muses. The snitch insists “Kate was devastated” by Harry and Markle’s exit, and her weight has been dropping ever since. Finally, the source reveals Middleton is having a girl, and that her pregnancy is her primary concern.

Kate Middleton ‘Wasting Away’ While Pregnant With Baby Girl?

So, is it true Middleton’s health is in crisis as she’s wracked by morning sickness while simultaneously shouldering the weight of the Sussexes’ abandoned royal duties? We seriously doubt that’s the case. All the tabloid provides to back this claim is the unverified account of an anonymous insider and its own offensive speculation about her appearance. While Middleton has always been slim, she doesn’t look sickly. In fact, as she attended Wimbledon, the duchess appeared quite fit. It’s obvious she’s not “wasting away” as the tabloid claims.

Furthermore, the tabloid’s source claims to know Middleton is 12-weeks pregnant and expecting a girl. While we seriously doubt this supposed insider, if they even exist, knows anything, it should be noted that it’s extremely unlikely a pregnant woman will find out the sex of a baby before 14 weeks. It’s next to impossible to tell the baby’s sex at just 12 weeks. Clearly, someone is lying here.

Also, it should go without saying that Middleton’s health has nothing to do with the Sussexes. It’s delusional to assume Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are somehow to blame for Middleton’s alleged health crisis.

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The Tabloid On The Royals

Readers shouldn’t trust anything the Globe has to say about the royal family. Earlier this year, the magazine alleged Markle was “cut off” financially by Middleton. Then, the outlet claimed Prince William believed Harry was “killing” the queen with his behavior. Then, the tabloid reported William had kicked Harry out of Frogmore Cottage. And more recently, the outlet alleged Prince Charles was disowning Harry and cutting him out of his will. Obviously, the Globe can’t be trusted to report accurately on the British royal family.

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