Prince William, Kate Middleton Marriage Rocked By “Cheating Scandals?”

Prince William has unfortunately been targeted by tabloid rumors that he’d been caught up in cheating scandals. The two major scandals caused major tension in his marriage to Kate Middleton, the ruthless tabloids insisted. Gossip Cop noted the pattern and collected the most outrageous rumors we’ve debunked about the “scandals” over the years.

The first “cheating scandal” took place in 2017. Celebrity gossip blog RadarOnline claimed that Middleton was “cold and distant” towards Prince William after he went on a ski trip with friends in Switzerland. Middleton was allegedly “not amused” by her husband’s “raunchy solo ski trip” and she didn’t bother hiding it from the public. During a St. Patrick’s day event, the Duchess of Cambridge “charmed a group of men after her husband was spotted with a pretty blonde woman while skiing in the Swiss Alps.” The outlet went on to argue that Prince William “got cozy with an Australian model named Sophie Taylor at a nightclub during the scandalous trip,” which was the source of Middleton’s ire.

Gossip Cop found that to simply not be the case. There was nothing remotely “raunchy” about Prince William’s ski trip, we found. The Duke of Cambridge went with a group of friends, Sophie Taylor included. The outlet seemed to have forgotten that Taylor was the girlfriend of one of Prince William’s friends. As for the claims that Kate Middleton “charmed a group of men,” that too was false. Prince William and Middleton did attend an event on St. Patrick’s day. The royal couple met with soldiers inside their canteen at Cavalry Barracks in London. Middleton was simply chatting with the soldiers.

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Months later, that same publication continued with the false narrative. Now, according to the outlet, Kate Middleton and Prince William were having “secret marriage counseling sessions.” The often debunked site claimed, “Prince William is still struggling to get out of the doghouse with his wife Kate after his flirty ski vacation with party pals.” As we mentioned above, there was nothing whatsoever “flirty” about the trip. Meanwhile, Middleton was off celebrating her sister’s bachelorette party at the same time, but no cheating allegations were thrown her way.

Regardless, the outlet quoted a supposed “insider,” who alleged, “Of course it was all downplayed, but Kate was horrified, and since then, Wills has been nothing short of a slave trying to make amends.” All the public outings by the couple where they seemed perfectly happy with one another were mere “publicity stunts,” “deflections of the truth,” and “gestures to repair the damage.” According to this so-called insider, “Kate’s really struggling to forgive him.” In reality, there was nothing for Middleton to forgive. Gossip Cop deemed this story false.

The newest round of cheating allegations came in 2019. Prince William was alleged by multiple disreputable sources to have carried on an affair with family friend Rose Hanbury. Life & Style reported in April that Meghan Markle supposedly told Middleton that she’d “forced” her husband to cheat.

The outlet claimed to have “exclusively learned that rather than offer a shoulder to cry on, Meghan took the opportunity to tell Kate that William’s alleged wandering eye is her fault.” The suspicious source went on to claim that Markle scolded the Duchess of Cambridge that if she’d “made more of an effort to glam up and look sexy, William would never even have looked at another woman.”

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There was a lot of information in this article about the alleged tensions between Markle and Middleton, but there wasn’t much information about Prince William’s alleged affair. That raised a red flag for Gossip Cop. The allegations of an affair between Prince William and Hanbury were so off-base and got so out of hand, Prince William’s own attorneys spoke out. They called this story, and the many others like it, no more than “false speculation.”

The Globe reported later that month that Kate Middleton and the couple’s three children had moved into her parents’ place. Of course, the supposed cheating scandal was the driving force behind this alleged change in living arrangements. Middleton was so “shattered” by the apparent “betrayal” from Hanbury and Prince William that the spouses took part in a “trial separation, even as their lawyers talk divorce,” according to the supermarket tabloid’s dubious source.

These allegations were simply untrue, Gossip Cop found. Though the outlet contended the Duchess of Cambridge wasn’t seeing or even speaking to her husband, that wasn’t the case. At the time this story was reported, Kate Middleton and Prince William had spent Easter together and even went to visit Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after church services at St. George’s Chapel — so much for being on a “trial separation.” These tabloids have no insight into the royal couple’s marriage.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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