Prince Harry Headed For Rehab?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are constantly in the tabloid spotlight. One report claims that Prince Harry has headed off to rehab. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Harry’s Rehab Shock!’

According to New Idea, “Harry’s friends are now encouraging him to take a much-needed break.” He’s being asked to go to “a health retreat to help him cope with the intense pressure he has been under” after news of Markle’s miscarriage became public. Between COVID-19, his wife’s op-ed, and the “controversy that has erupted over his late mom’s infamous Panorama interview,” he simply needs a break from public life.

The tabloid then speaks to a doctor who suggests that Prince Harry “may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder” specifically caused by his mother’s death. Markle herself is now “urging him to try a holistic path to cope with his past challenges” once it becomes safe to do so. Removing the distractions from his life could help with his plight, the magazine claims.

A Bait-And-Switch

This tabloid is notorious for its deceptive practice of promising one story and delivering something completely different. The cover of this tabloid, with the caption “rehab shock” beside a grainy photo of Prince Harry in the backseat of a car, wants you to think Prince Harry is getting help for drug addiction. The story itself is about how friends are urging him to go to a health retreat if he can. The tabloid knows exactly what it’s doing, and what it’s doing is wrong.

To prove this inane story, the tabloid uses a photo of Prince Harry in the backseat of a car, presumably heading to rehab. The photo is actually from June 2017 when he arrived at Sydney Airport. The giveaway here is the lack of a facemask, which would be visible if this happened during the pandemic.

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Doctor Shouldn’t Comment, And This Shouldn’t Exist

This tabloid uses Markle’s very real miscarriage as a way to frame this entire myth, then goes so far as to say Prince Harry is suffering from PTSD. The medical professional this tabloid quotes has never treated the Duke of Sussex and therefore should not be believed in the slightest. This is a predatory and reprehensible story that uses the Sussexes’ actual misery to sell magazines.

Other Blatant Bait-And-Switches

This tabloid once said that Markle had been arrested, only to print a story about her willingness to be arrested for her beliefs. It said that it had an exclusive interview with Kate Middleton, only to print an interview about Kate Middleton. It recently claimed that Prince William and Prince Harry had reunited after nearly a year, only to switch to a story about how Prince Harry was planning to see his brother again someday,

This dishonest practice is a favorite of New Idea, but Gossip Cop is onto them. Prince Harry has not gone to rehab, a wellness retreat, or any other type of facility, so this story is completely false.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

View more information: https://www.gossipcop.com/prince-harry-headed-for-rehab/944/

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