Prince Charles Orders Meghan Markle, Prince Harry To Repay $12 Million To Royal Family?

Has Prince Charles ordered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to repay the $12 million they received from the royal family? One tabloid insists Prince Charles is demanding his son and daughter-in-law to turn out their pockets for The Firm. Gossip Cop investigates.

Prince Charles Seeking Revenge On Meghan Markle?

This week, the Globe reports Prince Charles isn’t happy about Meghan Markle’s recent charity initiative and is seeking financial compensation. Markle announced her charity initiative in a video with actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy. The short feature contained some references to Queen Elizabeth II — like a fancy hat and tea set — that have infuriated Markle’s in-laws. While the royals are up in arms, Prince Charles reportedly has a plan to act. In the tabloid’s words, “The slight is going to cost her!”

According to the magazine, Prince Harry has fallen right in line with his wife. An inside source dishes, “Meghan’s out of control! Harry’s merely her puppet and sideshow. They live in her world now and she’s the star! It’s sad. He revealed earlier this year Meghan helped him escape his royal prison. He said, ‘I didn’t know I was trapped.’”

The source goes on, “But after living in the shadow of his brother, future king Prince William, he’s a second banana again — to his domineering wife,” the insider explains. “She’s using him to achieve mega-stardom, even high political office, while he’ll be kept behind the scenes until needed as the royal face of their projects.”

But Charles isn’t going to let Markle walk all over him too. The outlet insists Charles is taking action against Markle. “Charles helped the Sussexes financially and he wants the money repaid — now!” The tipster notes that Harry and Markle are more than financially independent now, so it obviously shouldn’t be a problem. “They can afford it with over $100 million in Hollywood deals under their belt,” the source muses.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle To Repay Millions?

So, is it true Prince Charles is demanding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle repay $12 million to the royal family? We seriously doubt it. First of all, it’s unlikely anyone in the royal family was upset by Markle’s charity initiative. The video wasn’t about the royals at all — and it certainly wasn’t made with the purpose of insulting them.

Furthermore, there isn’t any evidence backing this claim up. If a truly credible source made these claims, it would be huge news. But somehow, only a single disreputable tabloid has latched onto this story. That in itself is a huge red flag.

Besides, if Charles genuinely expected the money he gave Harry to be repaid, it likely would have been repaid by now. As the tabloid said, the Sussexes are good for the money. But in the far more likely case that the money was a grant rather than a loan, Charles has no claim to any of the Sussexes’ cash. Fortunately, the royal family will have no problems replacing the millions.

The Tabloid On Royal Finances

The Globe often paints the picture that Charles is obsessed with money. Not long ago, the outlet alleged Prince Harry was lying about being cut off financially and inciting Charles’ wrath. Then the magazine claimed Charles “disowned” Harry and cut him out of his $150 million will. The tabloid even reported Charles was taking a $20 million dukedom from his younger brother, Prince Edward. Obviously, the Globe isn’t trustworthy when it comes to stories about Prince Charles and money.

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