Prince Charles And Camilla Parker Bowles ‘Secretly Separated’?

Are Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles breaking up in secret? One report says that the two are only staying together to get more power. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Charles & Camilla: Secretly Separated’

In an exclusive from the Globe, the outlet says that “bad blood between Prince Charles and Camilla has boiled over and now the feuding royals are living separate lives under different roofs.” Sources “insist boozing and nonstop fights have driven them apart.” The two are “still diligent about being together for royal functions, and it’s unlikely they’ll divorce.”

Prince Charles and his wife have been arguing over “Camilla’s thirst for power, conspiracy… and gin.” The couple is staying together for now because they have “their eyes on the prize — the crown.” Insiders added that the two could still be passed over in favor of Prince William and Kate Middleton, so “popularity is a key factor in succession.” The article concludes by noting that “it’s sad how their relationship seems to have turned into a marriage of convenience, but a combination of pride, ambition, and power is keeping them together — at least for now.”

Succession Is Not A Popularity Contest

Gossip Cop has pointed out endless times, the line of succession has nothing to do with popularity. The next king will be Prince Charles, not because Queen Elizabeth likes him, but because the rules of succession have been dictated by Parliament. A divorce between Prince Charles and Bowles would not impact his chances of becoming king, just as his breakup with Princess Diana didn’t impact it either.

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Prince Charles and Bowles are still happily together. They recently visited vaccine volunteers together and seemed fine. This tabloid is just another bogus story that makes Bowles out to be a power-hungry and vindictive woman, which is as bogus as it is typical for royal gossip. This outlet claimed that Bowles had been demoted by Queen Elizabeth over Bowles’ desire for power, but that simply never happened.

More Bogus Stories

Gossip Cop has already busted this tabloid for falsely reporting Prince Charles has a drinking problem as it had no hard evidence whatsoever. We also debunked its story about Queen Elizabeth demanding her son divorce Camilla Parker Bowles. Prince Charles had every incentive not to marry Bowles, but he followed his heart.

This tabloid has already reported that Prince Charles seized the throne, but that never happened. The Globe’s also spent years beating the conspiracy drum about Princess Diana’s tragic death. It detests Bowles and Prince Charles and has no qualms with printing bogus stories about them.

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