Portia De Rossi Leaving Ellen DeGeneres ‘Behind’ After Squabbles Over Career?

Last year, a tabloid asserted that Portia De Rossi left longtime wife Ellen DeGeneres because her career was causing a rift between the two. Did this really happen? Gossip Cop revisits the story to dish the details.

According to NW, de Rossi moved into her and DeGeneres’ Montecito, California home sometime in March of 2020, saying, “She’s officially left L.A. Ellen’s stayed behind because they’re having problems.” Supposed sources added, “de Rossi won’t be back any time soon because the two have been arguing over Ellen’s career.” Apparently, de Rossi wanted DeGeneres to retire, but she refused. An insider exclaimed, “Ellen tries to appease her by giving her whatever she wants, but buying de Rossi’s happiness will only work for so long. Hopefully, some time apart will do them some good.”

This recycled narrative reemerges every couple of months. No matter how many chummy Instagram posts reveal they’re anything but separated, the tabloids continue purporting that the two have deep marital problems. However, these tabloids are far off base. First of all, this specific story surfaced about a month after quarantine began, and the couple was spotted together via the social media app well after this outlet suggested de Rossi had moved out of their home. It’s not likely they’d post a video laughing with each other for the world to witness if they were truly having such deep issues.

Plus, Gossip Cop had already busted this narrative when In Touch falsely claimed the blondes were living apart as well. This outlet had already asserted DeGeneres remained in their L.A. home while de Rossi high-tailed to Montecito. It appears that NW simply reworded this completely untrue story and ran it as their own.

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It’s difficult to trust the now-defunct NW as a reliable outlet, considering it’s spewed other phony claims about the pair often in the past. In May of 2019, Gossip Cop busted the publication for saying DeGeneres was addicted to facial fillers because she wanted to look younger than her spouse. Contending that someone was splurging on cosmetic surgery to keep up with their partner’s beauty is low, even for the tabloids. This magazine isn’t along with its dubious stories, and 2020 was a particularly rough year for the two in terms of the rumor mill. In Touch also suggested de Rossi walked out on DeGeneres after her TV talk show scandal and National Enquirer reported that de Rossi was livid over DeGeneres and Jennifer Aniston innocently smooching on television. This same salacious tabloid also asserted that DeGeneres’ workplace scandals would spark de Rossi’s relapse, as if it was inevitable.

Not that any more proof is really required, but check out some of de Rossi’s recent Instagram posts to further confirm just how swell the couple actually is. These tabloids simply love playing make-believe.

UPDATE: On May 12th, Ellen DeGeneres Announced she was ending her show after 18 years. Read more about her reasons here.

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