Portia De Rossi ‘Freaking Out’ After Ellen DeGeneres Gives Her ‘The Silent Treatment’?

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her gift of language, leading to massive success as a comedian and talk show host. Now, one tabloid is claiming she is giving it up temporarily, leaving her wife, Portia de Rossi, stressed out and frustrated. Gossip Cop investigates.

Staying Silent To Learn New Language?

In one of its wilder reports, the National Enquirer is swearing DeGeneres is giving her wife the silent treatment to learn to communicate with apes through sign language. The couple currently sponsors a gorilla sanctuary in Rwanda. “Ellen vows to stay as silent as possible until she gets this sign language down,” an inside source tells the outlet.

“She barely says a word to Portia and gives her this blank face all the time while she signs instead — and it’s freaking Portia out!” the source continues. According to the outlet, de Rossi was once understanding and patient about the whole situation but has since reached her limit. “She thinks Ellen has turned it into a crazy obsession. At least Ellen isn’t arguing all the time, but Portia says Ellen still contradicts her, in sign language!” the source says. 

Are Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Not Speaking? 

To quote Gwen Stefani, “This ish is bananas.” Sure, the talk show host seems a bit high maintenance, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Even if she was learning sign language to communicate with gorillas, she would still have to talk to exist in this world. Also, not all apes know sign language, only the ones who are taught by humans. The logic of this story seems all over the place. Gossip Cop can deem the story false by the sheer audacity of it. Also none of the sources are named, which is another huge indicator the article is made up. 

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The National Enquirer has been wrong about DeGeneres and de Rossi’s home life before. A story from earlier this year claimed de Rossi was pressuring her wife to move to Australia and leave Hollywood behind after allegations of a toxic work culture at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Another article from the outlet reported the couple were set to host a Fixer Upper-type house flipping show after DeGeneres’s talk show concludes its 19th season next spring. In another story, di Rossi apparently got upset after Anne Heche supposedly announced to the world that she was dying for a chance to reunite with DeGeneres purely because the talk show host dated the actress in the late ’90s. Gossip Cop busted all three articles.

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