Pippa Middleton Reveals Her Workout Routine To Stay Fit

Pippa Middleton, younger sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is considerably more private than her royal sibling. But in a recent interview with Hoka One One, she shared a closer look into her daily life. 

More specifically, her fitness routine—something she says has been a “constant in her life since prep school.”

Embracing The Love Of Sport

In her 2021 Athlete Ambassador interview with Hoka, Middleton talked about her lifelong love of sport.

“I grew up in the countryside, so being outdoors and involved in sport has been a passion and in my blood,” said Pipa.  

“My strongest memory of running as a young girl was prep school-aged—around eight years old,” she continued. “The school had a yearly compulsory cross-country race. We’d all run in studded football boots to combat the muddy hills with butterflies in our tummies (mine at least).” 

Pipa has sought out that pre- and post-race adrenaline ever since. She’s run countless marathons, duathlons, and even a 3,000-mile ultra-distance Race Across America. Oh, and she’s also climbed Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn—no big deal. 

It isn’t just the thrill of adventure that keeps Pipa moving, though. “[Running] has been my escapism,” she said. “It has brought clarity, a safe space, and a sense of freedom. Running and sport, in general, has been a constant light in my life.”   

These days, though, Pipa is spending more time as Mom than a mountain climber. While her workout routine might look different, it’s still pretty effective. 

Being Active In Motherhood

“Over the past two years,” Pipa said, “family life and motherhood has consumed much of my spare time. Unsurprisingly, the challenges I thrived on have taken a back seat.” 

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Pipa might not be sprinting through the Highlands or across the Great Wall of China, but she’s still plenty active as a mother of two. “I suppose my running has been more after babies and toddlers than crossing finish lines,” Pipa joked. 

“Being active with my 2.5-year-old son in the park or playground, transporting him on the back of my bike, and buggy running when he was a baby have all been ways in which I’ve been able to include outdoor exercise while being a hands-on mummy,” she continued. 

“It’s helped manage my weight, is time-efficient, and gives us both the chance to enjoy the fresh air and explore the great outdoors,” Pipa said. And that love of the outdoors is rubbing off on her kids, too. 

“[My son] loves nothing more than running wild in the woods, parks, and fields with our two dogs, even if it’s howling a gale and pouring with rain,” Pipa explained. 

By the sound of it, it might not be too long before we see Middleton running across the Kenyan Safari once again—this time, with kids in tow. 

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