Paula Abdul Goes ‘Overboard’ On Plastic Surgery, ‘Blown Up’ Face Scaring Co-Stars?

Is Paula Abdul overdoing it with cosmetic fillers? That’s the story in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop investigates the rumor.

Paula Abdul ‘Scaring People’ With ‘Frozen Face’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports that Paula Abdul has gone too far with her cosmetic work. According to the reports, the extent of the work is so extreme that Abdul can “barely move her face.” The tabloid insists that when the original American Idol judge filled in for Luke Bryan for a stint, she was nearly unrecognizable. An inside source exclaims, “Paula must have given her co-hosts quite a fright!”

The source goes on, “Her face is blown up like a balloon. Her forehead has no lines and her eyes have no crinkling at the corners that you would normally expect on someone who’s pushing 60. People are saying she never did know when to quit — and this time she’s really gone overboard!” The insider then contends that the work is hurting her career, insisting “it’s no secret she’d love to make a comeback on the show. She’s still in fantastic shape, but it’s kind of sad to see her fall victim to these Hollywood trends. She’s a lovely lady and should leave well enough alone!”

The outlet then hears from a cosmetic surgeon that has not treated Abdul who says, “Paula is looking really young! Her heart-shaped face may predispose her to a slower aging process than longer facial shapes. But she may also have had help from a plastic surgeon. I suspect she’s had filler injected into her lips and cheeks, plumping them up. She also may have had Botox injections to her crow’s-feet and forehead, smoothing them.” Finally the doctor concludes, “Plastic Surgery or not, she’s aging very gracefully!”

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Paula Abdul ‘Can Barely Move Her Face’?

Here’s the thing: Abdul has never hidden the fact that she’s had cosmetic work done. Abdul confessed in 2019 that she had work done before her Vegas residency. In fact, Abdul was so happy with the results that she became an ambassador for InMode, a medical tech company that specializes in cosmetic work. With that in mind, it’s unclear what the tabloid is aiming to do other than shame her.

Also, it’s ironic that the doctor the outlet consulted directly contradicted the outlet’s claim that Abdul is looking “scary.” Even the tabloid’s own medical professional agreed that Abdul is looking great, fillers or not. Even if Abdul had made some severe changes to her appearance, which she hasn’t, that wouldn’t be the tabloid’s business. The successful musician and TV personality is free to do whatever she’d like.

Other Ridiculous Stories From The Tabloid

Why won’t the National Enquirer just let celebrities age in peace? The tabloid is constantly judging older celebrities for their appearance and making up outrageous stories about their health and personal lives. For example, the tabloid claimed last year that Dolly Parton’s doctors were “fearing the worst” after a health scare. Then the magazine insisted Robert Redford was looking “frail” and that his health was in jeopardy. And most recently, the publication reported Suzanne Somers was “friendless” at 74 because she’s a nudist. Obviously, the outlet can’t be trusted to report on older celebrities.

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