Paul McCartney Disses Ex Heather Mills On New Track, Says Report

Heather Mills is an infamous figure in the story of Paul McCartney. The Beatle was married to Mills for four years before a very bitter divorce ensued. McCartney is releasing a new album soon entitled McCartney III which, according to one tabloid, includes a diss track directed toward his ex-wife. Gossip Cop investigates.

Who Is Heather Mills?

McCartney and Mills met in 1999 and got married in 2002. The two shared a passion for philanthropy, but things went south very quickly. They had a very rough and very public divorce proceeding which culminated in Mills throwing water at McCartney’s lawyer. Mills ended up with about $50 million, McCartney soon remarried to Nancy Shevell, and this ugly chapter in their lives was over.

‘Love Me Don’t!’

Or so we thought. Over a decade after breaking up, McCartney has written a song entitled “Lavatory Lil.” The National Enquirer “exclusively” says the lyrics are a “seething jab at a two-faced gold-digging mystery woman,” and conveniently includes a recap of his relationship with Mills. The lyrics in question are:

you think she’s being friendly, but she’s looking for a Bentley. She says it’s hunky-dory, when she’s telling you a story.

The tabloid treads very carefully, but its intention is obvious. The byline says McCarney “sticks it to a gal who wronged him” as a photo of Mills rests on the same page. The photo includes the caption “the two-faced gold digger in the tune is rumored to be Heather Mills.”

This Makes Sense But Is Not True

Gossip Cop will say this for the Enquirer: this rumor isn’t far fetched. If someone had to hazard a guess as to who this mystery woman is, Mills would make a bit of sense as her tumultuous relationship was very public. However, McCartney has released four albums since the divorce. Why now, when he’s happily married, would he take the time to write a diss track about his ex-wife?

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We’re busting this rumor because McCartney has clarified that the song is not about Mills. A spokesperson for McCartney said:

The song is categorically not about her. It’s 100% untrue to suggest otherwise.

McCartney himself said the song was about someone he “rubbed up against,” which makes it sound like it’s about someone not terribly significant. Either way, it would be out of character for McCartney to write a diss track now of all times, so we’re busting this rumor.

Other Bad Musical Rumors

This tabloid once tried to stir up beef between Queen Elizabeth and Beyonce by claiming Beyonce was not allowed to film at Buckingham Palace. It was a preposterous story that was completely made-up. Another odd musical beef this tabloid invented was between Mariah Carey and Joe Jonas, but the incident described never happened.

Gossip Cop also busted a story that said McCartney’s contemporary Elton John would never sing again. He’s going to go on tour once COVID-19 clears up, so that’s completely bogus too. Fellow musical icon Ozzy Osbourne was once said to be on his deathbed last year, but he’s still with us and working on new music. If this new McCartney song had come out in 2010, then maybe the Enquirer would be onto something. He’s moved on from that rough marriage and isn’t going back to relive anything.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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