Pat Sajak ‘Facing The Ax’ After Mocking Contestant With Lisp

The Wheel of Fortune host of over 38 years faces backlash after seemingly mocking a contestant’s speech impediment. Now, one tabloid is suggesting that Pat Sajak could ‘axed’ from the show. Gossip Cop spins our investigative gears to find out.

Not a Laughing Matter

A recent In Touch headline purports that Sajak stands to lose his fortune after making fun of one of the game show’s contestants. On an episode that aired in February of 2021, the contestant Chris Brimble introduced himself as a tech salesman, revealing an evident lisp. The tabloid’s insider suggests that the popular show’s viewers are calling for the veteran host’s resignation after replying to Brimble with, “I thee,” instead of, “I see.” Furthermore, the source goes on to say that, “There are even rumblings that producers want him to take a step back.”

Laughing at someone’s lisp is quite disrespectful, so it’s understandable viewers were angry and upset. In Touch sources did add, “Pat appears to have made a bad mistake, and he probably feels terrible about it. Whether he will have to take a break or quit, that will be up to him and the show.” Considering this isn’t the first time he’s been burned for teasing contestants, he will have to be more careful and respectful moving forward.”

Nonetheless, the tabloid’s assertion seems a little preemptive. It’s been well over a month since the incident, and Sajak is still the host of Wheel Of Fortune. According to sources, he is currently set to remain the host through 2022. Only time will tell if producers give him the ax, but in the meantime, Gossip Cop hopes he learns his lesson.

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The Rampant Rumor Mill

Being as popular and long-standing as Sajak comes with a price and that price is rampant rumors. Considering he holds the record for having the longest career as a game show host, nearly all of them revolve around him being replaced or stepping down from the throne. It’d be difficult for the tabloids to create any other mildly accurate cacophony, so they stick to this narrative.

Unsurprisingly, right after the aforementioned lisp incident, the Globe said that the Wheel Of Fortune producers were just about done with Sajak after his latest nasty outburst towards a contestant. Sources spewed, “Pat’s always been a jerk and everyone only tolerated him because he seemed so good-natured, but his put-downs have gotten way out of control.” The tabloid was referring to the lisp incident from above. While his comment to this contestant was wildly rude, it hardly constitutes a nasty outburst. That quote was the tabloid’s way of doubling the drama rather than reporting the truth.

Just a couple of months before the above story ran, Gossip Cop busted a headline claiming Sajak suffered a mental breakdown after recovering from intestinal surgery. In a flimsy attempt to dismantle him, the publication’s source exclaimed that he was a completely different man after the surgery and in the middle of a mental breakdown caused by stress and exhaustion. “He’s pushed to the very limit and can’t seem to function doing this job. It’s all spilling over and manifesting into these ugly outbursts which are shocking viewers,” a source revealed. Gossip Cop notes that this particular tabloid has a long history of incorrectly predicting celebrities death or demise and chalked this up to an off day for Sajak.

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Star also alleged that Vanna White intended to take over hosting the game show. After she impressed viewers as a substitute host when Sajak underwent emergency intestinal surgery, the outlet says she stands to steal the spot permanently. Apparently, she was fed up with being nothing more than eye candy to the viewers and was angling to host the show for good. However, given that Sajak and White have been working their original roles the past couple of months, there’s little reason to think she’s scheming this plot.

For now, Sajak remains the host of this favorite game show and likely will through the rest of his contract that extends into next year.

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