Olivia Newton-John Setting John Travolta Up On Dates?

Is Olivia Newton-John playing matchmaker for John Travolta? One tabloid claims Newton-John is trying to get her Grease co-star back into the dating game. Gossip Cop investigates.

Olivia Newton-John ‘Greases Wheels’ For John Travolta?

The National Enquirer reports that Olivia Newton-John is helping her old friend, John Travolta, get back into the dating game. Travolta tragically lost his wife, Kelly Preston, to breast cancer last year, leaving Travolta to care for their two kids. According to the report, Newton-John is determined to brighten Travolta’s spirits and help him get back out there.

An inside source dishes, “Olivia would like nothing more than to bring some joy and happiness back into John’s life. She has lots of beautiful, fun-filled lady friends from the U.S. and Australia she could set John up with!” Although Travolta appreciates Newton-John, the magazine notes that it may be too soon for Travolta to move on. The outlet points to Travolta’s recent comments on grief. “Mourning is individual and experiencing your own journey is what can lead to healing,” Travolta explained.

The insider reveals, “John still hasn’t gotten over Kelly’s death yet. It feels like yesterday to him.” Finally, the tabloid notes that Newton-John has been battling her own breast cancer diagnosis. The “Physical” singer also gave her sincere condolences after Preston’s passing. She called Travolta and Preston “dear friends,” before saying of Preston, “She was a beautiful human.”

Olivia Newton-John Plays ‘Cupid’ For John Travolta?

So, is it true Newton-John is setting Travolta up with her friends? That doesn’t seem to be the case. The story is a bit hard to follow. What the tabloid is essentially saying is that Newton-John wants to play matchmaker for Travolta, but he isn’t ready. It’s not the most outrageous story — Travolta and Newton-John are old friends, and it only makes sense that she’d be willing to set him up if he desired. That being said, this story isn’t backed up by any credible sources.

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Grief is an incredibly difficult and complex process. Whether or not Travolta is ready to start dating again is none of the tabloid’s business. The tabloid is simply using Preston’s passing to make up stories about Travolta, and that’s nothing short of shameful.

Travolta may not be opening up about his view on a future romance, but he did recently reveal the conversation he had with his 10-year-old son, Ben, about Preston’s passing. Despite the difficult subject, Travolta had a frank conversation with his son about the nature of death. Travolta expressed, “Ben, you always love the truth, and I’m gonna tell you the truth about life. Nobody knows when they’re gonna go or when they’re going to stay,” adding, “Your brother left at 16 — too young. Your mother left at 57 and that was too young. But who’s to say?”

Travolta went on, “I could die tomorrow. You could. I mean, anybody can. So let’s look at life … it’s part of life, you see? You don’t know exactly. You just do your best at trying to live the longest you can.” While Travolta isn’t jumping right back into the dating world, it’s obvious he has a healthy relationship with his family and is staying positive. Isn’t that what matters?

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Love Lives

It’s hard to trust anything the National Enquirer says about celebrities’ dating lives. Back in 2019, the tabloid published a bizarre story claiming Angelina Jolie was pursuing a romance with Michelle Pfeiffer. Then the magazine alleged Chris Evans was pursuing Ana de Armas. The magazine even claimed Sandra Bullock was “getting flirty” with Brad Pitt on the set of their new movie. Obviously, the Enquirer has no insight into celebrities’ romantic lives.

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