The 10 Oldest Wrestler Still Wrestling, 10 Oldest Wwe Superstars On The Current Roster

The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History These wrestlers have got all those years of experience on their side, which some of them have used to defeat opponents a quarter of their age!

The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History
It seems like professional wrestling today is a young man”s sport. The average age of most of the WWE talent is around the mid-thirties, with a few in their twenties and a few more in their early forties. However, in the older days of WWE, there were often wrestlers who kept competing into their fifties or even their sixties! While that rarely happens today, due to injury concerns, there are moments when the WWE pulls out some elder statesmen.

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When DX battled the Brothers of Destruction in 2018, their combined age was 204-years-old, with three of them over fifty. This year, Goldberg battles Undertaker in Saudi Arabia — both men over fifty. This may seem old, but the WWE has sent much older wrestlers into the ring. Not including special appearances like gimmick battle royales, here are the oldest active wrestlers in WWE history.

The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History
Bill Goldberg is 52 and is heading into a match with The Undertaker at Super Showdown in Saudi Arabia this year. It was just two years ago, at the age of 50, that Goldberg was competing with Brock Lesnar for the WWE Universal Championship — winning it at the age of 49.

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Goldberg was also a late starter, beginning his career at the age of 30. While he has continued to wrestle into his fifties and remains in amazing shape, his retirement from 2004-2015 means he only really has nine years of professional wrestling experience and very little in the way of bumps breaking his body down.


The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History
Hulk Hogan began his career in the 1970s and then became the biggest star in WWE during the Rock and Wrestling era of the 1980s. From, 1983-1993, Hogan was the world champion almost consistently, the most over babyface in professional wrestling history. By the time his WWE run came to an end and Hogan left for WCW in 1994, he was already 41.

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However, in 1996, Hogan had a career revival and became the leader of the NWO and one of the most hated villains in wrestling (helping WCW finally beat WWE in the ratings). When WCW went under, Hogan wasn”t finished. He returned to WWE in 2002 and again in 2005. By the time Hulk Hogan wrestled his final match in WWE, he was 53 years old.

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The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History
Undertaker is one year older than Hulk Hogan and is still wrestling for WWE. While he is not a full-time wrestler by any means, he is still a contracted talent and is still an active wrestler in WWE. His next match comes in Saudi Arabia at Super Showdown, where he battled 52-year-old Bill Goldberg for the first time. With that said, Undertaker is still two years older at 54.

Undertaker has been wrestling for a long time, his career starting at the age of 19 in World Class Championship Wrestling before he moved on to Memphis, WCW and finally WWE as The Undertaker. He has been with WWE since 1990, meaning he is only one year away from his 30th anniversary with the company he never left.

7 STING (56)

The 10 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History
Sting was the one man who never went to WWE. He was the biggest star in WCW, their most recognizable babyface and the face of the company through its highs and lows. When WCW shut down, he refused to go to WWE and instead went to TNA Impact Wrestling, working there for many years. It looked like he would never compete in WWE.

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Then, WWE brought in Sting, and he wrestled his first match ever for the company at WrestleMania 31 — a match he lost to Triple H. Sting then had a few more matches, but his career ended at the age of 56 when he took a bad bump in a match with Seth Rollins and never wrestled again.

Nature Boy Ric Flair is 70-years-old and still acts like he is in his twenties, despite many health scares over the years. Of course, Flair faced death many times over, including a plane crash when he was a young wrestler in the NWA — one that he not only survived but came back stronger than before, ending up as the greatest champion in NWA/WCW history.

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Flair made his debut in WWE in 1991 as the “true world champion.” What most people don”t realize is that he was 42 the first time he ever wrestled in WWE, then won his first world title there in the Royal Rumble match. Flair returned to WWE multiple times; by the time he lost his retirement match to Shawn Michaels in 2008, he was 59.


Here is the ridiculous truth about Terry Funk — he became the NWA World Champion in 1975 by beating Jack Brisco for the title. Funk was 31 when he won that title. He competed at the second WrestleMania when he was 42. When ECW started, Funk showed up and became a hardcore wrestler — winning the WCW world title at the age of 53.

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In 1997-98, Terry Funk returned to WWE and took on the strange persona of Chainsaw Charlie, teaming with Cactus Jack. The two helped put over the young New Age Outlaws and Funk left in 1998, at the age of 54. Finally, Funk returned to WWE for one last match at ECW One Night Stand in 2006 and wrestled again — at the age of 62.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is 69-years-old, and he still wrestles today for independent wrestling promotions. He would still wrestle for WWE if they allowed him to. However, the very last time that Lawler wrestled for WWE, he almost died. That was in 2012 when Lawler teamed up with Randy Orton to beat CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler.

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That would be Lawler”s last match ever in WWE because, after the match, Lawler returned to commentary and then suffered a heart attack. Lawler”s heart stopped, but he was saved thanks to the medical personnel on hand. That match took place when Lawler was 62, and it was the last time WWE allowed him to compete in their ring.


As the owner of WWE, Vince McMahon has rights others might not receive. It also doesn”t help that McMahon feels he can do anything, as he still takes bumps to this day at the age of 73. He lets Brock Lesnar F5 him, Kevin Owens headbutt him in the head, and Roman Reigns Superman Punch him!

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In 1999, McMahon was the oldest wrestler to ever win the WWE World Championship at the age of 54. He also won the AECW World Championship in 2007 — at the age of 62. At WrestleMania XXVI, McMahon fought Bret Hart at the age of 65. By 2012, McMahon booked himself to wrestle CM Punk, and while the match was not official, McMahon was 67 when he stepped into the ring with Punk.

Fabulous Moolah was one of the trailblazers when it comes to women”s wrestling. She was the NWA women”s champion starting in 1956 and held the title for 28 years. She joined WWE in the 1980s and won the WWF Women”s Championship in 1985 at the age of 62. This was during the Rock and Wrestling Era of WWE, and she held the title for two years.

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In 1998, Moolah returned to WWE in a more comedic role at the age of 75. She ended up wrestling in this return as well, against women that were a quarter of her age! She became the first octogenarian to compete in WWE at the age of 80 and competed in her last match at the age of 81.

1 MAE YOUNG (87)

Fabulous Moolah died in 2007 at the age of 84. This meant that her close friend Mae Young was able to eclipse her and became the oldest wrestler to ever compete in a WWE ring. Mae Young began her career in 1939 at the age of 16. She then worked all over the world from then until 1968. What she did after that is unknown, but she showed up in WWE in 1999.

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Mae Young was part of the comedic storylines involving Fabulous Moolah, as the two elderly female wrestlers began to compete with younger girls. In 2010, Mae Young shocked the world when she wrestled against LayCool — and won — at the age of 87.

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