‘Noxious’ Ellen DeGeneres ‘Smells,’ ‘Eating Nonstop’ After Losing Show?

There’s no denying that Ellen DeGeneres’ recent scandal concerning her show’s toxic work culture is disappointing. One tabloid is claiming her leadership isn’t the only thing that stinks. A recent story reports that the once queen of daytime literally smells due to her diet. Gossip Cop investigates. 

Does Ellen Smell?

Ellen DeGeneres is dealing with “noxious” body odor, the Globe reports. With her recent downfall, the publication is alleging the 63-year-old has resorted to binge snacking in order to cope with the stress. “Eating nonstop seems to be the only pleasure she gets these days,” an unnamed secret source spilled to the tabloid. “But the after-effects aren’t nice to be around, plus she’s never been big on perfume or deodorant.” 

Since her show is set to end, the Ellen host has been “stuffing her face” with figs, stuffed grape leaves, vegan mac and cheese, tofu smothered with soy sauce and wasabi, among other gluten-free snacks. “Frankly, she smells. This is ironic because she owns one of the most sensitive noses in showbiz,” the source said, referring to the now-infamous story where the comic kept a bowl of chewing gum outside her office that everyone had to use before speaking to her. Writer Benjamin Siemon once said that if she thought you smelled, she made you go home and shower.

Getting Their Facts Straight

So it’s true that sometimes individuals on a vegan diet may have a more potent smell. However, this publication clearly didn’t do their research because DeGeneres is no longer vegan. In her 2018 Netflix special, Relatable, the comic talked about how she went off the bandwagon. “I’m not really vegan, I say it for the joke. I was vegan for eight years and I really believe that it’s great for you. I was healthier than I’d ever been, I loved being vegan. But in the last year or two for no real reason, I started eating a piece of fish once in a while. Or I’ll eat eggs from chickens I know – if they are in someone’s backyard or are happy,” she said.

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As for the rumor, she doesn’t use deodorant, the star teamed up with antiperspirant company Secret in 2020 on her show. The brand has had a long affiliation with her show. In 2011, she even called their hotline for a comedy bit.

With all these little details wrong, Gossip Cop can say the story is false but it isn’t the first time. In 2019 the same outlet claimed DeGeneres was at war with wife Portia de Rossi over the adoption of a baby gorilla. That same year, it ran another story that the veteran host was furious with then talk show newbie Kelly Clarkson for “stealing” guests. Gossip Cop debunked both stories. 

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