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Hit the pitch or the street with FIFA Soccer 13 and compete for awards, unlock the most coveted players or take on over 100 challenges throughout every game mode to build your very own FIFA City. There are two ways to play FIFA Soccer 13 on Wii. Try traditional 11 versus 11 matches with over 500 officially licensed teams, and more than 15,000 players to choose from. Or hit the streets to compete in 5 versus 5 street matches with the world”s biggest stars to produce rewards to develop your FIFA City.Experience the deepest and most engaging Manager Mode ever created for FIFA for the Wii. Compete as team manger with the power to take your favorite club to the top of the league tables—and keep them there!

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It”s literally the same game as fifa 12 for wii. There aren”t any improvements or changes, no new tricks or game modes, nothing. It is a waste of money. Graphics are terrible, the player ratings are ridiculously inaccurate and different from that of the ps3/360.
Sound 4.0 Gameplay 3.0 Lasting Appeal 2.0 Graphics 2.0
this game is good but the graphics aren”t good Please EA please work on the graphics. i like this game i got it for christmas and it was good but now i”m bored of it i LOVE fifa but i”m getting bored of Wii.
Sound 4.0 Gameplay 4.0 Lasting Appeal 3.0 Graphics 3.0

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This is LITERALLY the most fun game I have played in a long time. LOVE IT.. what i like about it is that its just so fun and i love soccer so ya :0)
Sound 5.0 Gameplay 5.0 Lasting Appeal 5.0 Graphics 5.0
i wanted to get into sports game”s cuz all my other friends play sports game and i dont . pre ordered this game for wii and got today (i forgot about it for awhile) in this game players have more human-like reactions grahics could have been better but other than that its a good game.
Sound 4.0 Gameplay 5.0 Lasting Appeal 5.0 Graphics 3.0
i love this game!!! so many features. when i had fifa 10 it had only battler for glory and tournament and kick- off now it as so much more

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Sound 5.0 Gameplay 4.0 Lasting Appeal 5.0 Graphics 4.0

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