Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Adopting Baby #3?

Did Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban adopt a baby boy? 365 days ago a rumor went around that the two would celebrate breaking through their rough patch with a new child. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Baby Joy For Nicole & Keith!’

According to the Globe, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban would adopt a child after IVF treatments had failed. A source said, “Nicole was heartbroken that she wasn’t able to get pregnant after many years of trying and going through IVF.” Urban suddenly approached his wife and, according to an insider, asked, “why don’t we adopt?” This marked the end of a rough patch stemming from their busy schedules.

Gossip Cop debunked this story because Kidman has made it clear that she and Urban had already “maxed out” the size of their family. The story had more in common with Kidman’s film Lion than real life, where Kidman and Urban are content with their family as it is. The supposed rough patch was also completely made up, so there was nothing of substance in the story.

Did They Adopt A New Baby?

Nope! 2020 came and went without any new arrivals for Urban and Kidman. Globe claimed the two would adopt a baby back in 2019 as well, but nothing came of it. It looks like the tabloid is content to run the same bogus story annually.

What Have They Been Up To?

While the family hasn’t expanded, Kidman and Urban have stayed busy. Kidman starred in The Undoing opposite Hugh Grant and Urban released Speed of Now Part 1. They also got in an altercation at the opera but emerged no worse for wear. Judging by their recent Instagram posts, they’re both as happy as ever.

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Other Phantom Adoptions

Globe loves inventing adoption stories. Back in 2018, it claimed Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani would adopt a two-year-old orphan. Around the same time, it ran a cover story about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry adopting an African baby. These adoptions simply never happened.

No Urban or Kidman Insight

When this tabloid isn’t stoking relapse rumors about Urban, it’s busy reporting that Kidman and Tom Cruise are secretly talking behind Urban’s back. A spokesperson for Kidman told Gossip Cop that this story was “not true,” Kidman isn’t hiding any conversations from Urban. It’s safe to say this tabloid has no legitimate insight into Urban and Kidman’s personal life, or else they would’ve divorced dozens of times by now.

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