Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Divorcing? Looking Into The Latest Rumors

The tabloids have often alleged Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are divorcing. This year alone, the spouses’ marriage was rumored to be in peril a number of times. Were any of these reports accurate? Gossip Cop assembled some stories we’ve investigated about Urban and Kidman’s relationship. Here’s what we know.

Nicole Kidman Was Leaving Acting To Save Her Marriage?

Last October, the Globe asserted Kidman was quitting acting to save her marriage. Clearly, the actress didn’t retire from show businesses. Still, the paper maintained the Undoing star had “neglected” her country-crooner husband, and the spouses were butting heads over Kidman’s career. This was another red flag for Gossip Cop since Urban has a very high-demanding career as an artist himself. We busted the bogus story when it came out and it’s clear who’s reporting was more accurate.

Nicole & Keith’s ‘Fight’ Before The Oscars

In February of this year, New Idea reported Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman skipped out on the Oscars because of marital problems. According to the tabloid, the couple was disagreeing on where to live. The magazine claimed Kidman wanted to move out of the United States and return to Australia, while Urban didn’t want to leave the States because of his music career. The publication alleged the pair weren’t in attendance at the annual awards ceremony because of this argument and Kidman’s “disdain” for Hollywood. Gossip Cop clarified the report by explaining the couple chose to stay home and watch the show with their two daughters.

Are Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Pretending To Be In Love

In the spring, OK! purported Urban and Kidman were pretending to be in love. The silly narrative asserted the Aquaman actress and the singer “felt the need to act like they’re so in love for the cameras and pretend everything’s fine.” An insider added to the bogus account “it’s like their image matters more than actually fixing the problems in their marriage.” The publication maintained the couple was trying to cover up issues such as jealousy and the actress’ desire to have more children. Gossip Cop corrected the ridiculous tale. We checked with a more reliable source, a spokesperson for Urban, who dismissed the report completely.

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We’d like to mention that Kidman and Urban have spoken fondly and lovingly about each other. Recently, Kidman spoke to Today about her marriage to Urban and called him “a good man,” adding,

He’s such a good man, as I’ve said before. I’m married to a really good man. And the kids have a great father and that’s a very beautiful thing to be able to say.

Unfortunately, the tabloids continue to concoct incorrect stories kept coming.

Keith Urban Is The ‘Worst Husband’ Ever? We Doubt It

In June, Life & Style dubbed Keith Urban “Hollywood’s Worst Husband” while proclaiming he and Kidman had been fighting non-stop while in quarantine. “Nicole and Keith are not used to spending this much time together. They both work a lot and are used to spending a lot of time apart; it works for them,” an insider claimed. The tipster added, “Being side by side 24/7 caused tension” between the spouses. Gossip Cop found it odd the outlet would know firsthand about the couple fighting “24/7.” Or that Urban was the “worst husband” ever. Our suspicions were confirmed after checking with a rep for the Big Little Lies star who assured us the story wasn’t true.

In addition to other deceptive accounts Gossip Cop has debunked, it’s evident Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban aren’t divorcing.

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