Nfl players who smoke cigarettes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — There’s no shortage of photos in the office of Kansas City Chiefs team president Mark Donovan. Of his household, of Chiefs memorabilia — sensibly standard stuff.

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But there’s additionally one small image, situated in a frame behind his desk, that stands out. There’s a male via fussy brown hair in a smeared white unicreate, a red No. 16 adorning his chest, sitting in a cheap, gray folding chair. There’s a green Fresca bottle between his feet, and also in between his best thumb and index finger, a lit cigarette pulled closely to his lips, captured specifically with his cheeks sucked in, mid-drag.

The man is Chiefs quarterago Len Dawkid, and the photo is from halftime of the extremely first Super Bowl, played way back on Jan. 15, 1967. And once Donovan noticed that a colleague down the hall had put a larger version of this photo — one that has got more life in recent years — on top of a credenza a couple of years earlier, Donovan knew he had actually to have actually one, also.

“It’s one of my favorite photos,” Donovan told floorballcoach.org Sports, flashing a wide-eyed smile. “There’s the majority of reasons why it’s tbelow.”

For starters, the photo includes Dawchild, a Chiefs legend.


Will Patrick Maresidences acquire the opportunity to recreate Len Dawson"s iconic picture? (Photograph by David Eulitt/Getty Images)

Will Len Dawson’s Super Bowl smoking photo acquire a reboot?

Smoking in NFL locker rooms might be a remnant of the past, however it’s surpclimbing to check out the amount of joy that the Dawboy photo taken by Ray — that passed away this month at the age of 84 — still brings to the deals with of Chiefs on the existing roster, the earliest of whom (punter Dustin Colquitt) wasn’t also born until 1982.

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because he’s just dealing with it like another game,” Colquitt told floorballcoach.org Sports. “He’s doing it for Kansas City, and he’s not going to adjust because he’s on the greatest phase. He’s still Len Dawchild. He’s being himself.”

To tight finish Travis Kelce, that chuckled prior to saying the photo “simply screams hard-working male.”

The photo additionally screams somepoint else.

“Cultural, um … evolution,” Kelce told floorballcoach.org Sports through a vast grin. “Tright here isn’t a second in a day I can post a picture, whether it’s in game or out of game, that has in the image. It simply tells you how a lot we’re evolving as the human being goes approximately.”

Evolving, yes. But our society loves throwbacks — be it jerseys, old games, and so on — and also after seeing the photo, receiver Tyreek Hill shared an idea.

Provided the Chiefs win the upcoming Super Bowl, of course.

“Pat have to perform that — that would certainly be golden,” Hill told floorballcoach.org Sports through a laugh. “But don’t ask him to actually smoke the cigarette though. That’s like, iconic, man.”

It’s not choose the Chiefs’ MVP quarterearlier isn’t conscious of the photo. Before a game last year, Madwellings wore a red hoodie through the photo screen-published on the back.

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“That would certainly be sweet,” Colquitt sassist. “I think in the eyes of most our fans, that are dietough and passionate, a championship ago in our city would certainly be a substantial deal. And with the kind of celebrities that have grown up in and also around the Kansas City area, and stuff, there’s gonna be stuff going on, I’m certain, some shenanigans. And it’s a method to honor our fans and also past legends that came prior to us. So, I think it would be cool.”

Even if Maresidences or an additional Chiefs player wregarding somejust how recreate the photo, it’s safe to say the 1967 original, which will remain prominently presented behind team president Mark Donovan’s desk for the foreseeable future, will certainly always be Kansas City’s many iconic football photo.

“Yeah,” Donovan said, a smile crossing his face once aacquire. “That’s a one-of-a-kind one.”

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