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The 49ers were 4-10 as the Buccaneers were trending towards the playoffs. The NFL flexed to Washington at Minnesota instead as the two NFC clubs were in a battle for a wild-card spot.

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Kansas City and New York were bottom feeders in their respective divisions. There wasn’t anything compelling to go to in Week 17, so, Tennessee Titans at the Indianapolis Colts was the replacement. All Tennessee needed to do was win, and they did because the Colts rested their starters as they had the No. 2 seed locked up.

Seattle was 2-10 going into this matchup. Instead, Washington at Baltimore was flexed into, which was a battle between two teams vying for a spot in their respective wild-card races.

While both San Diego and Tampa Bay were in a race for the playoffs themselves, Carolina at New York for battle of the No. 1 seed in the NFC had way more on the line.

The Chargers would get their Sunday night game back though. 2008 was the first year the league decided not to schedule a Week 17 Sunday night game; instead, letting the schedule play out and find the most compelling matchup. San Diego got the Denver Broncos at Qualcomm Stadium and thumped them 52-21 to wrest control of the AFC West and go to the playoffs.

The Dolphins were trending downward in 2009, and the Patriots weren’t as dominant as they were prior to Tom Brady tearing his ACL. Meanwhile the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings were battling for a first-round bye.

It might have been better had the NFL stayed with Chargers-Bengals, even though neither team had a shot for the playoffs. Instead, there was a Michael Vick redemption story that was playing out with the Philadelphia Eagles, who were also on the verge of winning the NFC East.

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The league postponed the Sunday night game at Lincoln Financial Field on Dec. 26 due to a blizzard and played it that Tuesday night.

In April, even amid the lockout, the prospect of flexing out of Patriots-Colts would be preposterous. However, Peyton Manning’s neck surgery recovery and the Colts’ 0-11 record made it untenable to keep the game. Lions-Saints, a preview of the NFC wild-card, was moved into the slot.

New York and San Diego were awful and nowhere near playoff contention. The budding 49ers-Seahawks rivalry was flexed into prime time. However, fans were treated to Seattle blowing out San Francisco 42-13.

The Giants were 2-6 and the Packers were on a two-game losing streak with Aaron Rodgers out with a broken collarbone. Meanwhile the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs, with Andy Reid on the sidelines and Alex Smith under center, were taking on the Denver Broncos.

Another Packers game was flexed out because Green Bay was 5-6-1 and Rodgers was still out. Panthers-Saints, a battle for the NFC South, was placed in the Sunday night slot.

New England was doing what they always did with Tom Brady and locking up a first-round bye while Baltimore wasn’t going to make the playoffs. Bears-Eagles was put into prime time as both were vying for their respective divisions, but Philadelphia demolished Chicago 54-11.

San Diego and Kansas City were trending towards missing the playoffs while the Cincinnati Bengals and Arizona Cardinals were close to getting first-round byes. Plus, there was the storyline of Carson Palmer going against his old team.

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The Ravens weren’t threatening to make the playoffs while the Seahawks were vying for a wild-card spot. Patriots-Texans seemed interesting, but New England mopped up Houston 27-6.

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The Bengals were losing their grip on the AFC North, and the 49ers were a shell of their former selves under coach Jim Tomsula. Cardinals-Eagles went into prime time with Arizona crushing Philadelphia 40-17.

Because of how non-competitive Baltimore was for playoff positioning, it moved the AFC North rivalry out of prime time. New York versus Minnesota may not have been a better choice as Vikings toppled the Giants 49-17.

Fitzmagic alone wasn’t enough to keep the Jets in prime time. The AFC West rivalry of Kansas City versus Denver was more interesting, and turned out to be a better game with the Chiefs prevailing 30-27 in overtime.

The Bengals were 5-7-1 and the Steelers were on the verge of winning the division. The Dallas Cowboys had a dynamic rookie pair with Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott, and decided to flex into their Week 15 matchup with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sure, the Niners were struggling due to Jimmy Garoppolo being out for the year, but the Bengals were 4-2 and hadn’t made the playoffs in the past two seasons. Maybe it was because the league couldn’t get enough of second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who would be playing his second straight Sunday night game.

The Steelers were 7-2-1, but the Jaguars’ 3-6 record spoiled the 2017 AFC divisional rematch, and forced a flexing of Vikings-Bears into prime time.

San Francisco was 2-9 and the Seahawks weren’t threatening to win the division. Chargers-Steelers went into prime time.

Pittsburgh was 7-4-1 and didn’t have Ben Roethlisberger healthy. The Raiders were 2-10. Rams at Bears seemed better, and it was a fascinating matchup as Chicago stifled Los Angeles’ potent offense 15-6.

The Seahawks were 8-2 and the Eagles were 5-5 in the horrendous NFC East. Green Bay versus San Francisco, a preview of that season’s NFC Championship Game, was far more interesting, though it was a blowout in favor of the Niners, 37-8.

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The Vikings were merely in the hunt for a wild-card spot while the Chargers were 5-8. Buffalo at Pittsburgh, even with Devlin Hodges under center, was more fascinating as both teams were in the AFC wild-card race.

Would the league want to see the same old guy, but with a new team, or rather a youngster who had his team 4-2 and coming off a big Monday night win? Arizona versus Seattle did not disappoint as the Cardinals bested the Seahawks 37-34 in overtime.

For the 49ers, this is the fifth time they have been flexed out of the Sunday night slot. For the Cowboys, this will be the first time. Now that the league has moved Dallas out of Sunday night for the first time since 2006, will they do it again?

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