New Pregnancy Rumor Claims Beyonce Is Having A Fourth Child

Is Beyoncé pregnant with baby number four? One tabloid says another child is on the way, but its rotten reputation has Gossip Cop suspicious. Here’s the story.

Spotted With A Baby Bump?

Woman’s Day said the “Crazy In Love” singer was “glowing as she hit the streets of New York.” Partnered with an arrow to her tummy labeled “bub on board,” the tabloid says She and husband Jay-Z “could be about to announce another baby.” In the photograph provided, her outfit completely obscures her figure and the pose means we could be looking at her hip more than her stomach, so it’s difficult to say either way if it’s a baby bump.

The tabloid spoke to a so-called source who said Beyonce’s “not even trying to hide” her baby bump, “so everyone’s guessing an announcement will be made soon.” The article concludes by saying “she and Jay have long talked about adding a fourth child to their family.” Beyonce and Jay-Z are among the most private power couples you could find and have not given any hint to wanting any additional children.

Tabloid Is Wishy-Washy

This is a bit of a non-story as Woman’s Day is strictly speculating. It says she “could” announce a baby. It cites “rumors” and how “everyone’s guessing.” Even the arrow pointing to the alleged baby bump includes a question mark. This tabloid isn’t boldly saying anything besides “there is a rumor that she could be pregnant.” We’ve debunked pregnancy rumors about Beyoncé before, and this article is just more speculation without any evidence.

Anything’s possible, but the utter lack of evidence would make an actual pregnancy purely coincidental. Recent photos of Beyonce in the Daily Mail highlight her figure and make pregnancy look unlikely, but we suppose anything’s possible. Beyoncé/s previous baby announcement was loaded with theatrics and instantly iconic, so we should expect nothing less than this for a potential fourth child.

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This Tabloid Cries Baby Often

The main reason we’re dubious of the report comes from the long list of false pregnancy reports Gossip Cop has busted from this tabloid. It claimed Nicole Kidman made a public pregnancy announcement on Instagram when she was really just wearing a big scarf. A miracle baby for Kate Hudson is nowhere to be found. Both Lady Gaga and Jennifer Garner should have both had kids by now, but these tabloid baby rumors never seem to amount to anything.

Beyonce is deliberately careful with photographs and news of her family. If she does have a fourth baby, it would be another internet-breaking occasion. Until then, tabloids can only point at random photos and say she “could” “maybe” be pregnant. Until Beyonce herself makes an announcement, we should all remain suspicious.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.

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