Multiple Reports Claim Barack And Michelle Obama Could Be Splitting, Here’s What We Know

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama wed in 1992 and have remained married ever since. However, a number of recent reports have said that the Obamas are breaking up. Here are some stories Gossip Cop has investigated about the former President and First Lady’s relationship.

Michelle Obama Feels ‘Cheated’

The National Enquirer claimed that Michelle Obama “felt like she was cheated” by Barack. He “persuaded her into birthing and raising their daughters, while he focused on rising in the political ranks,” a source said. Michelle “didn’t want a family, but Barack did, and he knew it would help him politically.”

This was totally false. Michelle has clarified that she herself chose to raise the children “not because he said, ‘You have to quit your job,’” but because she didn’t think she could raise kids and have a job at the same time. Michelle does not regret having children, nor does she resent Barack for his political career.

Michelle ‘Wanted To Push Barack Out Of The Window’

In a shocking story, the Globe reported that Michelle “has a shocking [confession:] she’s actually considered pushing her husband out a window.” A supposed insider said, “The reality is that things are bleak as hell.” This story took a comment made in jest to Conan O’Brien and pretended like she legitimately wanted to murder her husband. She was discussing how the family doesn’t idolize Barack and the importance of jokes at the dinner table, a far cry from cold-blooded murder.

The Obamas’ $175 Million Divorce

The National Enquirer was at it again when it claimed Michelle and Barack were getting a $175 million divorce. Michelle “slapped hubby Barack with an ultimatum: clean up your act – or face” divorce. We saw the classic explanation from an anonymous source, who said, “Despite their loving appearances before the cameras, they’ve had knock-down, drag-out fights.”

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The two are apparently fighting over money as well. Michelle has “warned Barack that her lawyers will see to it he loses a lot more in divorce court than she could ever spend in a lifetime.” This was a totally made-up story with no basis in reality whatsoever.

Michelle Obama’s Million Dollar Makeover

The National Enquirer disproved its own divorce story when it claimed Michelle was getting a “$1 million makeover.” A so-called source said, “Michelle is getting this spruce-up to boost her morale and look the part in Hollywood.” The tabloid said that “for all of her and Barack’s ups and downs, she does still love him very much.”

This single line disproves pretty much all of this notorious magazine’s previous coverage. A million dollars is an absurd amount to spend on plastic surgery, so Gossip Cop busted the story. There’s nothing in their relationship that’s in need of repair, and nothing in Michelle’s track record indicates that she would ever go under the knife.

In reality, the two are as happy as ever. Barack Obama posted a lovely photo on Instagram for Valentine’s Day dedicated to his wife and their kids.

Michelle did the same, so there’s no reason to think the Obamas are breaking up.

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