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There is another sub-genre of fetish related to female muscle. The female arm wrestling is a sport with two major organizations which include the WAF (World Arm Wrestling Federation ) and the IFA ( International Federation of Arm Wrestling ). Men and women arm wrestle one another in mixed competition. Just like mixed or session wrestling there are videos, images, and other materials associated with it. The female arm wrestling fetish is not often examined seeing as it is a small part of the female muscle fetish. Videos are not always female versus male, but female versus female. The arm wrestling fetish is more of an extension of cratolagina and sthenolagnia. The videos can either be real or fantasy based. The fantasy based videos are ones in which a woman who is significantly smaller beat a larger man. Arm wrestling is not about strength only; there is some technique involved. Knowing this it becomes easier to spot which videos are fakes. The fake videos are really for the sake of femdom. The real matches are to highlight women’s muscles and strength. The reason is to highlight women’s biceps. The websites active either are completely about wrestling or putting men in scissor holds. There are more Youtube channels that have female arm wrestling videos. They do generate a high amount of views similar to mixed wrestling videos. The arm wrestling fetish overlaps with others.

The reason some may like female arm wrestling videos is that it highlights women’s biceps. Every man has a favorite body part of a woman. Female muscle fans are no different in that respect. Some fans enjoy big biceps on women. People may think that developed biceps on women is as masculine trait, but others disagree. It just shows how powerful a woman has made her body. The female arm does not lose its supple form. Muscle adds curves and the muscular female arm is not any less graceful. Sometimes observers want more than just to see the muscular aesthetic. They want to see what those muscles can do.

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cratolagina is arousal from the display of strength. There are many ways strong women can do that. Lifting, carrying people, and wrestling are common. Arm wrestling can be a cratolagina like experience. Two people are trying to force their arms down. Men who love women’s strength want to experience in full force. The desire to arm wrestle a strong woman is to see the bulging of the bicep. Some female athletes report that sometimes men do randomly challenge them to arm wrestle. This just an excuse to hold a woman’s hand or stare at her biceps. There are websites that do have arm wrestling videos. Herbiceps.com features women arm wrestling men in both real and fantasy matches. Youtube has also exposed that such the female arm wrestling fetish is more popular than previously thought. Edited or original videos number in the thousands on the search results.



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This is not due to a skewed algorithm. Men are actively seeking this material. Like any type of underground or subculture there are certain attributes related to it. It should be noted that mixed arm wrestling is not always fetish. Mixed arm wrestling can occur as a regular match between a man an a woman. Nothing really is meant to be fetish related about it.

Videos are unique in their own way. They can feature female versus female or be mixed matches. The fake ones are fantasy based. It has an average woman taking down a highly fit man. Obviously, he could win if he really tried but the point is to make it seem as if women are stronger. Real matches do feature women of various fitness levels beating men. These are not staged. The male is normally an untrained or average man. Most videos show women winning the majority of the time. Occasionally, there are some in which the woman loses. Fans might like seeing women lose matches. However, some enjoy the strain women exert attempting to win. Female versus female matches also are part of the female arm wrestling fetish.

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Those are mostly genuine matches compared to others. The female arm wrestling fetish is connected to mixed wrestling which can be a part of those videos. The fetish seems so small much is not known about it. The best way to classify it is a gradually developing element within the female muscle fandom.

Femdom can overlap with the female arm wrestling fetish. Femdom was a separate entity before the female muscle fetish. The two are a natural fit. Videos and artworks depict women dominating men with their physical strength . Besides mixed wrestling or lift and carry arm wrestling is just another part of it. Compared to competitive mixed wrestling, arm wrestling is the least intensive. There are fetishes devoted to just one wrestling move. Bodyscissors is the most common spotlighted wrestling move. Few sites exist for just arm wrestling only.


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The reason this is of interest is because it shows anything can become a fetish. When discussing arm wrestling a subgenre of fetish never comes too mind. The first thing that is thought of is a small sport. Some even remember arm wrestling as children at school or on a playground. Human sexual behavior is not entirely understood. Sexology and psychology have sought to provide explanations why people have certain kinks or fetishes. The reasons could be both sociological and biological. Few would be willing to express their preferences in terms of sexual behavior. The method of using survey can help reduce the level of bashfulness surrounding the topic. Couples even keep their likes secret from one another. Maybe its time to stop viewing certain sexual behavior as something weird or a thing to be ashamed of. Arm wrestling a woman is no more strange than rubbing her back. The female arm wrestling fetish may seem odd to some ,but to others it is arousing.

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