Miranda Lambert Thinking About Blake Shelton After Fight With Husband Brendan McLoughlin?

Country singer Miranda Lambert found love again after her divorce from Blake Shelton with retired NYC cop Brendan McLoughlin. But could history repeat itself and over hunting no less? One tabloid claimed back in February that the singer and her hubby were on the rocks over Lambert’s hunting obsession. Gossip cop investigates.

City Boy Cop Vs. Country Girl Miranda Lambert?

According to a Globe article published back in February, Miranda Lambert’s hunting habits freak out her husband of two years, Brendan McLoughlin. As it usually goes with these tabloids, an unnamed source seems to be the rag’s only evidence. “Brendan’s a sensitive guy who hated killing for sport and the sight of blood, despite his years as a police officer,” an insider claimed.

This inside source also brought up Miranda’s ex Blake Shelton and how they used to hunt together, something that McLoughlin has apparently refused to do. “He’s a big animal lover and looks at the deer that roam their farm as beautiful creatures, not hunting targets.” Apparently full of the insights into the couple’s marriage, a major point of contention is a deer head hanging in their home that Lambert shot herself. Of course, the taxidermied buck “grosses out” McLaughlin and makes him “sad.”

The outlet closed out the article by stating that the Texan is not going to “change her ways now” and brought up Lambert’s fond memories from her previous marriage. “She never heard any complaints when she and Blake used to hunt ducks or go fishing. That’s one good thing she remembers from their marriage,” a source said.

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Is Miranda Lambert Thinking About Her Ex?

First off, Miranda Lambert and Brendan McLoughlin have been married for two years — one would think they know each other and their hobbies pretty well by now. It’s also worth pointing out that though McLaughlin is not a frequent Instagram user, most of his posts are about his wife. This guy is devoting an awful lot of his social media presence to Lambert for someone who is supposed to be fighting with her over cultural differences. The songwriter also has kept hunting off her Instagram profile in recent years, despite the outlet claiming she is over-the-top passionate about the sporting activity. There doesn’t look to be any truth to the Globe‘s report.

Since the story first came out almost three months ago, Gossip Cop busted another story concerning the couple’s so-called cultural differences. Back in March, Star claimed the Staten Island native was having a hard time adjusting to life in the “boondocks.” In reality, the couple’s home is an hour’s drive from Nashville and Lambert has fawned over her husband’s love of cows.

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