Michael Strahan Worries Fans With Recent Instagram Photo

A recent post on Good Morning America co-host Michael Strahan’s Instagram page had followers worried for his safety. The retired football player might be one of the biggest, toughest guys around, but in the face of this potential threat, even he considered taking off at a run. Facing down linebackers is probably a piece of cake compared with this scaly beast that’s been known to nip fingers right off an adult’s hand. 

Michael Strahan Told To ‘Run!’ By Instagram Followers

Michael Strahan has definitely earned his reputation as a fun–loving prankster, but even his loyal Instagram followers warned him not to play around with the potentially dangerous creature he came across while enjoying a sunny afternoon outdoors. The animal in question was sizable, but still a relatively small turtle. Though most of those types of reptiles are pretty harmless, especially if they’re trying to go up against a man Strahan’s size, this one was a bit different. Despite his beefy physique, even Strahan seemed to be a bit nervous when confronted with the turtle. “It’s staring at me… should I run?” he captioned the photo. 

Several of his followers heartily agreed that the former pro-footballer should get the heck out of dodge while he still could. The turtle was likely a snapping turtle, many commenters warned, and even though it was a smallish turtle, it could still do some damage. “Don’t play with those bro!” one follower said. “That thing will snap a club in half just so you know,” added another. Still another commenter wrote, “Don’t have to be the fastest guy on the planet. Just need to be faster than the turtle.” Clearly Strahan’s followers are just as irreverent and funny as the man himself. 

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This Is No Time For Strahan To Get Injured

Luckily, snapping turtles tend to not be the most aggressive of animals. The freshwater turtles don’t typically try to take bites out of swimmers who meander too close, but they do attack when threatened. Judging from the fact that Strahan still has all 10 fingers and toes, we’ll assume that he wisely steered clear of the animal. That’s quite a relief since Strahan will need all his appendages to host ABC’s popular game show, $100,000 Pyramid

The show is currently in production on its fifth season, so this would be a poor time for Strahan to have to take off to deal with a snapping turtle-related injury. There are only about two more weeks until the latest season of the game show premieres, so it’s imperative that Strahan stays in tip-top form. 

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