Michael Douglas Makes Rare Statement About Why His Ex-Wife Made Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘Uncomfortable’

Michael Douglas doesn’t usually speak publicly about his ex-wife Diandra Luker, with whom he shares son Cameron Douglas, which makes his recent statements about her all the more surprising. The exes had previously shared property on the Spanish isle of Majorca, but Douglas made the decision to buy his ex-wife out of her share, as the arrangement made him and his current wife of 21 years Catherine Zeta-Jones “uncomfortable” he admitted to a local paper. 

Michael Douglas Reveals Why He Bought Out Ex-Wife’s Share Of Majorca Manor

Until just last year, Diandra Luker and Michael Douglas shared their enormous, 11,000 square foot Majorca estate, with each claiming the 10-bedroom manor for six months out of the year. The ex-spouses, who were married from 1977 to 2000, made the arrangement as part of their divorce settlement, but apparently 20 years of splitting time with the island estate was enough for Douglas. 

In 2020, he bought out Luker’s half of the mansion in order to enjoy its charms year round, no more of this six months on, six months off nonsense. This came after the former couple attempted to sell the stunning home in 2014, though they failed to come up with a viable offer for it and tabled the sale as a result. In a recent interview with Majorcan outlet Ultima Hora, Douglas admitted, “It was very uncomfortable sharing the property with my ex-wife Diandra.” 

Catherine Zeta-Jones ‘Much More Comfortable’ With Luker Gone

He added that the on-again, off-again relationship with the property was a problem for everyone involved. “Six months for each of us wasn’t very pleasant for anyone,” the 76-year-old actor confessed. Now that they’ve got exclusive rights to the property, however, everyone, including his current wife, 51-year-old actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, is much more comfortable. “Catherine is very happy here, especially now that we don’t share with Diandra,” Douglas noted, stressing, “She feels much more comfortable.”

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Since taking full ownership of the property, Douglas and Zeta-Jones have been using the gorgeous estate to its fullest potential. Douglas shared some intimate details about how his family, which includes daughter Carys and youngest son Dylan, spend their time there. “I devote at least two hours to reading the news,” he revealed. “Then we do sport.” Both Douglas and Zeta-Jones have shared photos and videos of themselves doing “sport,” which typically involves a luxurious boat taken out to enjoy the beautifully clear waters surrounding the idyllic island. 

Proving that he’s not just all play, Douglas added, “Some days friends come over for lunch, we have a siesta and when we wake up it’s when people in Los Angeles have begun to work so I can work from here with LA.” Work doesn’t stop, apparently, even when you’re living in your beautiful island estate. Clearly, Michael Douglas is using his full access to that gorgeous property to its full potential.

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