Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones’ Marriage ‘Effectively Over,’ Headed For ‘$350 Million’ Divorce?

Did Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones consider getting a $350 million divorce? One tabloid ran an article last year claiming that very thing. Gossip Cop covered this story when it first ran and is returning to it to see where the couple is now. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones Looking For The Exit?

“Their marriage is effectively over,” an unnamed inside source told New Idea. After Douglas’s father Kirk died in February of last year, the outlet reported the couple was considering a divorce. According to the same source, now that her father-in-law was “not around, [Zeta-Jones] realized the older she and Michael get, the bigger the age gap gets.”

Zeta-Jones’ foray into launching her lifestyle brand, Casa Zeta-Jones, wasn’t doing her marriage any favors either, the outlet alleged. “Friends say Catherine’s business hasn’t been an overnight thing, but she’s now seeing it as a way out of her marriage,” the source said, noting it was taking the actress’s focus away from her family. 

Gossip Cop’s Take

As Gossip Cop pointed out at the time of publishing, age gaps stay the same whether you and your partner are six months or 45 years apart. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas knew going into the marriage there was a 25-year age difference. Having been married for two decades themselves, there’s no way this realization of “Douglas being older” just hitting them now. 

As for the lifestyle brand, Zeta-Jones balances it with everything else in her life, from kids to her marriage to her acting career. Earlier this month, the Oscar winner told Harper’s Bazaar that the couple and their two children make “a good British fry up” together every weekend for brunch. She also revealed she and Douglas try to have lunch together on the weekdays they are not working. Oh, and she also mentioned her Casa-Zeta Jones Coffee line. Even a year later, their marriage is fine and business is booming. 

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Nothing New

Tabloids spread lies about Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ relationship all the time. This same publication said the actress and George Clooney were leaving their spouses for each other. Contradicting this “divorce after Kirk Douglas’s death” claim is a Star article that said the couple was trying to save their marriage. In another weird move, the publication then contradicted itself and reported Zeta-Jones was leaving her husband and that she has been miserable for years.Gossip Cop doesn’t know exactly why tabloids are so concerns about their marriage. Maybe they’re jealous it’s lasted two decades.

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