Mel Gibson Risking Reputation By Helping Girlfriend Fund Projects

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross started dating in 2014 and have a son together. One report says Gibson is risking his reputation to help Ross get work in Hollywood. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Mel Pulls Strings Screenwriting For Baby Mama’

According to the National Enquirer, Gibson is planning to bankroll Ross’s screenwriting career. A source says, “Mel legitimately believes in Rosalind as a filmmaker, and he’s spent the last year stitching together his global network of film financing partners to get behind developing some of her projects.” The Braveheart star is fully committed to the mother of his child and will back her up all the way.

Gibson is ignoring warnings from his friends that his love of Ross is clouding his judgment about her talents. A source says “he insists if she writes something that doesn’t excite him or his partners, it’s not going to be made.” Ross is aware of Gibson’s high standards, and a source says “she knows if it fails, he’ll be the one to take the hit.”

Rather Hard To Follow

This story is hardly a straight line. It starts by saying Gibson is pulling strings to get Ross work, but then questions if his judgment is sound. In the middle, it completely pivots to say this could blow up in Ross’s face because of Gibson’s perfectionism. Who’s in danger here? Why would helping his girlfriend hurt Gibson in any way?

Up To Different Things

What makes this even stranger is the fact that Gibson is not working on a film with Ross. The Daddy’s Home 2 star has numerous projects in the works, but none penned by Ross. Ross recently signed with Range Media Partners, while Gibson has signed with APA. 

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Ross will make her directing debut with Stu starring Mark Wahlberg. Obviously, Ross and Gibson could work together someday, but right now they’re in different spheres professionally, currently. A source told People, a far more reputable outlet than the Enquirer, that Gibson and Ross are in love, and “are very much on the same page,” so this story doesn’t have a leg to stand on.

Other Bogus Stories

This tabloid has a bad track record with Gibson stories. It claimed he wanted to portray George Michael, but a rep for Gibson told Gossip Cop that he hadn’t been approached for the role. Back in 2019, the Enquirer reported that Gibson and Ross had called off wedding plans after a major fight, only to say the wedding was back on the following year.

Ross and Gibson are not married, which proves that this tabloid doesn’t have any insight at all. Obviously, Gibson and Ross could collaborate in the future, and even marry at some point, but that won’t change the fact that this story is completely false.

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