Meghan McCain Worried About Job On ‘The View’ After Fights With Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg?

Is Meghan McCain worried about her job after arguing with her The View co-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg on air? One outlet reports the conservative talk show host believes her role on the show could be in “jeopardy.” Gossip Cop investigates.

Rising Tensions Have Meghan McCain Worried For Her Job?

Star reports this week that “mounting” tensions behind the scenes have pitted Meghan McCain against Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, resulting in an all-out “battle” at The View. According to the tabloid, McCain has had a “rough reentry” after returning to the popular daytime talk show after her maternity leave ended.

The tabloid goes on to detail one of the “tiffs” McCain had during her first days back on the show with Behar. The ladies were discussing the state of the Republican Party and McCain interrupted Behar to point out fractures within the Democratic Party.

Behar did not seem to appreciate the interruption, which led to McCain teasing, “You missed me so much, you missed fighting with me.” Behar responded, her face very serious, “I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.” McCain appeared to be taken aback and shot back, “That’s so nasty. That’s so rude,” and the argument could have further devolved if Goldberg hadn’t stepped in to put a stop to it.

Now, a source tells the outlet that McCain is “worried about her future” with The View. Though the conservative firebrand supposedly enjoyed her reputation as “the most polarizing person” on the hot topic debate show, she now fears that it’s coming back to bite her. “She’s feeling her job could be in jeopardy,” the insider insists, adding, “Joy and Whoopi can’t stand her.”

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Gossip Cop’s Take

Part of the reason The View has been so successful and long-lived is specifically because the women who host the show don’t always agree with each other. In fact, the differences in opinions is what keeps the show interesting. McCain recently made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! and spoke of the relationship between herself and the other ladies of The View to host Andy Cohen. “We’re a family,” McCain said, adding, “I will say, I missed everyone. Even if some people didn’t miss me.”

The so-called “tiff” between McCain and Behar was a very mild one, and the two ladies, as well as the other co-hosts, have had many similar ones over the years. It’s in no way an incident that would lead to McCain’s ousting from the show, nor is there any reason to believe that McCain is even worried about being forced off the show.

The tabloids have long insisted that there’s tension between Meghan McCain and her fellow co-hosts that would lead to McCain either quitting or getting fired from the show. The Globe once predicted that McCain was secretly negotiating an exit from the talk show. Clearly, McCain’s continued presence on the show proves Gossip Cop was correct to call that article false. That same outlet also claimed that McCain was hated by her co-hosts, which was driving her to consider quitting. Though the ladies often engage in spirited debates, their professional relationship seems to be above such petty drama.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.

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