Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Interview Jeopardizing Prince Charles Future Seat On The Throne?

Is Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s now-infamous interview with Oprah jeopardizing Prince Charles’ spot in the line of succession? That’s what a recent tabloid report is claiming. Gossip Cop has checked in on the claims and can set the record straight. 

Interview Causing Trouble? 

A recent edition of Star ran a story claiming Prince Charle’s spot on the throne is at risk. The claim was part of a series of bombshells the tabloid dropped. Under the headline “Game Of Thrones” the article claimed that Markle’s comments in her interview with Oprah have launched a storm of attacks on Charle’s character.  

According to the piece, the attack is over comments from Markle claiming that a member of the royal family had quite racist concerns over the skin color of her child. The article says speculators have determined Charles is this unnamed royal. The publication insists that the interview has caused irreparable damage to the Prince Of Wales’ reputation. Consequently, the publication finds it unlikely that Prince Charles will accept the crown when it is passed down to him. 

An Old Story With A New Twist 

So, does prince Charles have plans to give up his seat on the throne because of bad press? That is unlikely. Even if people on social media are speculating on the subjects of Markle’s interview, there’s been no evidence to suggest Charles is the one she was referring to. Furthermore, Charles has never stated publicly any intention to pass the crown over to Prince William as the article claims. Most likely, Prince Charles will wear the crown after Queen Elizabeth.  

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This is an extremely common story for the tabloids, despite a total lack of evidence. Gossip Cop recently debunked the claims that Queen Elizabeth was trying to edit Prince Charles out of the line of succession. There have been similar reports that the queen would crown Prince William next, and the Duke of Cambridge was already planning a costly coronation. There have even been claims that it was Princess Diana that wanted Prince Charles to be skipped over.  

It’s clear that we should defer to the law to clear these rumors up. According to UK law, the line of succession is concrete and cannot be edited and Prince Charles has never indicated he plans to step aside. The Duke of Cornwall will be crowned King of England when Queen Elizabeth’s reign is over. 

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