Meg Ryan Back Together With Russell Crowe

Are Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan back together? A recent tabloid is claiming the entertainers have rekindled their romance, and there could be another person involved. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

In a new article by New Idea, the outlet alleges Ryan is trying to “reignite” her romance with Crowe following her split from John Mellencamp. However, the tabloid also claims Crowe is linked to another woman, Terri Irwin, which has now resulted in a bizarre love-triangle. “Russell is in a unique position because he has these two amazing women fighting it out for his affections,” a so-called insider tells the outlet. Crowe and Ryan had a brief affair in 1999, but the supposed insider continues, “I’m sure he’ll be extremely flattered, but also a little torn because it’ll bring up a lot of old emotions, especially with Meg.”

The sketchy source adds Crowe, “probably thought things were well and finished between them, but she’s always held a candle for Rusell and now she’s single and it’s the perfect opportunity for them to reconnect.” The outlet elaborates on Russell and Crowe’s previous involvement, adding the timing was “terrible” but “basically they went their separate ways but they never stopped loving each other and his feelings certainly haven’t gone away, at least from Meg’s side.”

The unreliable publication is way off-base with its claim. Ryan is not trying to get back together with Crowe nor are they involved in a love-triangle. A rep for Ryan has assured Gossip Cop the story is not true. This isn’t surprising since it’s been proven the tabloids have no real insight on Ryan or her love life. Last year, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer for falsely asserting Ryan had married Mellencamp in secret. The phony outlet contended Ryan and her then-fiance were spotted in New York City wearing wedding rings. A supposed source told the magazine the former couple “got tired of all the speculation” of when and where they were going to wed, “so they just went ahead and did it on their own!” That didn’t happen, Gossip Cop busted the incorrect story at the time.

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In June 2018, Gossip Cop debunked the same publication for a bogus report asserting Tom Hanks was walking Ryan down the aisle for her supposed wedding to Mellencamp. As sweet as it sounded, the Enquirer was wrong again. We investigated the story and spoke to a rep for the actress who said the article was false. The couple split earlier this year before getting hitched. The tabloids obviously have little insight into her relationships.

Meanwhile, the tabloids are also clueless when it comes to Russell Crowe and Terri Irwin. In February 2019, the Globe purported she was planning a double wedding with Crowe along with her daughter Bindi and her then-fiance Chandler Powell. Gossip Cop debunked the story at the time by explaining, again, that Crowe and Terri weren’t in a relationship. They still aren’t in a relationship either. Bindi and Powell married a couple weeks ago, but not in any sort of “double wedding” with her mother and the Gladiator star. That would just ridiculous.


  • Stephen Huvane, Spokesperson for Meg Ryan, 20, Apr. 2020

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.

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