Matt Damon, Wife Luciana Barroso ‘Headed For A Split’

Were Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso “headed for a split?” Sources told one tabloid that Damon had ventured out in public multiple times without his wedding ring, which boded ill for the couple’s future together. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor and can add our own insight into the matter. 

Matt Damon, Luciana Barroso “Over” After 15 Years Of Marriage?

“Matt & Luciana: Over?” read the headline out of a recent edition of Star. The tabloid claimed Matt Damon’s marriage to his wife of 15 years, Luciana Barroso, was “hanging by a thread” after the actor was twice spotted out in public not wearing his wedding ring in less than a month. Two sources who spoke with the outlet agreed that Damon “opting to go ring-less in public is likely a sign of things to come.” 

Spouses Plagued By Problems – Sources

“Matt and Luciana have been having issues,” one insider informed the outlet, adding, “Their friends are worried they’re headed for a split.” There are apparently several problems facing the couple, including the Jason Bourne actor’s supposed “love of beer.” The outlet claims Damon’s “increased alcohol intake” has those close to him concerned, and his wife wasn’t exempt from that worry. “It’s become a habit,” the pal said of Damon’s drinking. “Luciana’s been after him to quit for some time.” 

The second source insisted that Damon’s other habit of leaving the house “whenever he can” has also caused tensions in the marriage to blow up. The actor might just want a break from his family during the long lockdown, but “Luciana gets frustrated with him for not pulling his weight,” the insider explained. 

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Despite the fact that everyone “thinks Matt and Luciana are the definition of true love,” things aren’t as perfect between the spouses as they would appear. In fact, the second source concluded, “their marriage is a long way from perfect.” That’s about the only truthful thing this tabloid had to say about Matt Damon’s marriage to Luciana Barroso. No one’s marriage is perfect, and Damon and Barroso are no different from the millions of other married couples.

Gossip Cop’s Take

This outlet relied on already debunked rumors and the useless words of faceless, anonymous sources to push the claim that Damon and Barroso’s nearly two-decade-long marriage was in danger. Gossip Cop has already addressed another tabloid’s claims that Damon supposedly has a drinking problem. The rumors sprung up because Damon was seen carrying a bag usually reserved for beers while taking his daughters to the beach. There was nothing alcoholic in the bag at the time, but the rumor had already begun gaining steam in the tabloid media by the time Damon explained what was really going on. 

Then there’s the matter of Damon allegedly escaping from the couple’s home whenever possible. Since the family was in Australia together when this article first went to print, it seems unlikely that Damon wasn’t spending quality time with his family. Gossip Cop also pointed out that Star’s sister outlet, Life & Style, made similar claims just a few weeks back. 

Besides, this particular tabloid is infamous for stretching the truth when it comes to Matt Damon. It once reported that Damon’s wife was sick of the actor’s longtime friend Ben Affleck hanging around. That was untrue, we learned. We also debunked the magazine’s claim that Affleck’s sobriety was causing a rift between him and Damon. Damon has been unendingly supportive of his friend’s sobriety, which made busting the tall tale a cinch.

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