Markie Post Took Nasty Feud With Harry Anderson To The Grave?

Did Markie Post hold onto her feud with co-star Harry Anderson until she passed away? According to one tabloid report, the sitcom star never let go of her negative feelings towards Anderson. Gossip Cop dives in and looks further into the debacle. 

Markie Post Hated Working Alongside Harry Anderson?

Per a story from Globe, Post always harbored negative feelings toward Anderson after working with him on the set of Night Court. An insider close to the situation states that Post found Anderson “mean and bullying” while working together. “She very much felt that Harry was way out of line, not just with her, but the rest of the cast,” the informant adds. 

According to the report, certain situations involving Anderson were so traumatic Post was never able to let go of the trauma she endured. Apparently, Post never forgot the day Anderson singled her out on set after messing up some of her lines. The source close to the story says, “Harry’s boorishness alienated most of the others, too,” not just Post. 

Harry Anderson: A Pain To Work With? 

The tabloid states that although co-stars offered their condolences after Anderson passed away, their true feelings differed from those represented on social media. An insider close to the actor says the Night Court co-stars “had little to do with him after the show.” The magazine describes Anderson as a “diva” and “tyrant” while on set, often getting into verbal and physical altercations with the cast and crew. 

In addition to verbally shutting down Post on set, Anderson also got into a physical altercation with co-star Richard Moll. The tabloid describes a scene where Anderson got into a shoving match with Moll while on set. Based on how the outlet details Anderson, you would assume he was a nightmare to work with. 

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A Disrespectful Narrative 

Gossip Cop is accustomed to debunking false reports from tabloids, and the Markie Post/Harry Anderson accusations are downright disrespectful. After Anderson’s death, Today reported that each of the Night Court’s co-stars mourned deeply after hearing the news. Specifically, Post tweeted that she was “devastated” about his death. 

As far as the reliability of Globe, the outlet cannot be trusted as Gossip Cop has proved several times. Recently, the tabloid ran a fake story telling a story of financial struggles in Angelia Jolie’s life. The outlet also generated false dating rumors around notorious bachelor and best-selling musician The Weeknd. 

It’s clear the Globe is just trying to grab the attention of potential readers by generating false stories, as Gossip Cop continuously debunks. And exploiting Markie Post only a few weeks after her death is simply disrespectful.

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