Mark Harmon Staying With ‘NCIS’ For Another Two Seasons

Did Mark Harmon decide to stick around for two more seasons of NCIS after the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic left him feeling “recharged and ready for more”? A tabloid claimed that Harmon had been set on retiring to his Montana ranch after wrapping up season 18 of the hit cop drama, but getting back to set changed his mind. Gossip Cop looked into the story and found evidence that indicates otherwise. 

How Long Is Mark Harmon Planning To Stay With ‘NCIS?’

“Mark Sticking Around” read the headline out of OK! a few months back. The outlet claimed that NCIS star Mark Harmon was said to be “seriously considering retirement” after playing special agent Leroy Gibbs for 17 seasons. A source told the tabloid that before the pandemic delayed season 18’s filming schedule, “Mark figured it would be his last and that he and [wife] Pam [Dawber] would ride off into the sunset and retire on their ranch in Montana.” 

Those plans apparently changed once Harmon was finally able to return to the set in September. By then, the tipster insisted, “he was itching to be back in action.” The hiatus, though it occurred under “such horrible circumstances,” the source hurried to add, was exactly what Harmon needed. It supposedly gave the actor a chance to catch his breath and figure out what he really wanted. 

Since he’s had the opportunity to get his head on straight, Harmon’s “having a better time than ever shooting the show,” the so-called “insider” revealed. “Now he can logically envision leading NCIS into its 20th season,” the dubious source concluded. Gossip Cop has seen numerous rumors about the future of Mark Harmon’s acting career. 

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Here’s What’s Really Going On

Many outlets have speculated that Harmon will soon retire from the hit CBS drama, but his future with the show seems secure. The season 18 finale recently premiered and, though we won’t spoil the ending, it’s clear that special agent Leroy Gibbs’ story is far from over. That doesn’t mean Harmon will be returning to the show full-time, however. 

It’s been predicted that Harmon, whose character was suspended from the team after he beat a perp who abused dogs, will stay with the show on a part-time basis, though that’s in no way set in stone. While Harmon will most likely appear in the upcoming 19th season of the show, there’s no way to know if Harmon will be around for future seasons beyond that. Any outlet that reports otherwise is not acting in good faith.

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