Mark Harmon One Of The ‘Worst Cheapskates In The Business’?

Is Mark Harmon a notorious penny-pincher? That’s the story one tabloid is pushing. Gossip Cop is taking a look at the rumor.

Mark Harmon Is ‘Hollywood’s Biggest Cheapskate’?

According to a recent edition of Star, Mark Harmon likes to live cheap despite his immense wealth. The tabloid explains that Harmon likes to cut corners where he can to keep his expenses low. His strategies apparently work, since the NCIS star boasts a net worth of $100 million. A source gave the inside scoop on Harmon’s lifestyle.

According to the source, “He’s got a reputation as one of the worst cheapskates in the business.” The magazine goes on to explain how Harmon fixes his own car, insists on cooking instead of eating out, and he even goes light on the deodorant to save an extra buck. According to the source, “He would rather sock his money away than spend it.” The actor reportedly even coupons to keep the finances as tight as possible.

Mark Harmon Keeps A Tight Budget?

So, is it true that Mark Harmon is a huge cheapskate? Absolutely not, and the report is totally ludicrous. We can explain.

According to the tabloid’s logic, Harmon has amassed such immense wealth because he doesn’t spend money on take-out. I don’t know about him, but skimping on deodorant is more likely to lead to bad body odor than any kind of major revenue. It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest that any of these alleged habits of Harmon’s would have even the slightest effect on his $100 million net worth.

What the tabloid fails to mention is that Harmon has had one of the longest-lasting television careers, and makes a reported $525,000 per episode of NCIS. Sure, there’s no evidence that Harmon leads one of the most extravagant Hollywood lives, but he’s far from roughing it on his $9,000,000, 19-acre Malibu estate. It’s obvious someone was shocked by the big figure attached to Harmon’s name and decided to concoct an elaborate story about how he skips the mechanic for his oil changes.

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The Tabloids On Mark Harmon

It’s clear the tabloids are constantly grasping at stories about the extremely private Mark Harmon. Last year, Star reported that Harmon was quitting Hollywood and moving to Montana. Of course, the report was totally false. But that didn’t stop the tabloids from reporting again and again that Harmon would be making his exit from Hollywood. Gossip Cop also covered a nearly identical story about Harmon being a cheapskate earlier this month. Clearly, these magazines have no real insight into Harmon’s life and make up for it with wild speculation.

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