Mariah Carey Married With A Baby By Christmas?

Is Mariah Carey married with a new baby? Twelve months ago, one tabloid promised that Carey would have a husband and child by Christmas. Since Christmas has come and gone, Gossip Cop is looking back on this story. Here’s what we found.

Baby At 50

According to Woman’s Day, Carey wanted to have a baby at 50 years old with her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka. A supposed friend said, “She’s so bad at keeping secrets, especially ones this big.” A source added, “She froze her eggs years ago, so that’s not the problem, she doesn’t want to go through pregnancy at this point in her life,” so she may go through a surrogate instead. As for the wedding, Carey and Tanaka were “fleshing out a prenup” before an Aspen, Colorado wedding.

Gossip Cop checked in with a spokesperson for Carey, who just laughed the story off. Carey’s made it clear for years that she’s not interested in having any more children. Furthermore, she and Tanaka were not engaged as this story would have you believe. 

Did She Have A Baby?

Nope! Christmas has come and gone without a baby or wedding. It’s worth noting that People still refers to Tanaka as Mariah Carey’s boyfriend, so the two aren’t engaged either. The two are still together and recently celebrated Tanaka’s birthday.

Always By Christmas

Tabloids love treating Christmas as a deadline for major events. The Globe claimed that Johnny Depp would be dead by Christmas, and the National Enquirer said the same about Phil Collins. Both are still with us. OK! reported that Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant would exchange vows by Christmas, yet the two remain unwed.

About seven months after this story came out, Woman’s Day tried it all again but dropped the baby angle. It claimed that Carey was planning a $1 million Christmas wedding with Tanaka. Obviously, this wedding never happened, so it was foolish to double down on the bogus narrative. 

Other Silly Mariah Carey Stories

The outlet also claimed that Carey wrote a memoir to settle all of her rivalries. A rep for Carey told Gossip Cop that the memoir wasn’t about beef, but about Carey’s “an improbable and inspiring journey of survival and resilience as she struggles through complex issues of race, identity, class, childhood and family trauma during her meteoric rise to music superstardom.” If the tabloid had actually read her book, it would have known that.

This all comes from the same tabloid which reported that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon were reuniting in 2019 to have another baby. That never happened, so it’s safe to say this outlet has no insight into Carey’s life whatsoever. With no Christmas wedding or baby in sight, Gossip Cop was right to debunk this story.

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